Celebrate National Beer Day by reliving your 21st Birthday at Yard House

Get a discount Half Yard today only – and a special gift if you’re actually turning 21.
YH Half Yard Cheers
YH Half Yard Cheers /

It’s National Beer Day today, and you know what that means: time to drink beer. Interestingly, and this is a true fact, it’s almost always time to drink beer. But specifically today, you can drink beer all day long and nobody is going to try and take it away from you – or pinch you for not wearing green, a la another recent day where we all drank beer.

And it wouldn’t be a beer holiday without popular bar/restaurant chain Yard House pulling out all the stops on a sweet National Beer Day deal. All day long, Yard House is pouring $10 Half Yards, which is a whopping 32 ounces of beer. Or a foot and a half of beer, which I know because I am Good At Math.

But wait, as they say, that’s not all! Yard House is also celebrating – or recelebrating, if that’s a word – everyone’s 21st birthday on April 7, 2024, with a wild Instagram project, and a gift if you’re actually turning 21.

Here’s how it works. DM Yard House via Instagram with a photo of you holding your first legal drink on your 21st birthday, and Yard House will photoshop in a better drink. Because listen, we all didn’t make Good Choices on our 21st birthdays. I definitely know the beer I bought at the convenience store around the corner from my apartment in college was Not Good At All, and I’ll stop using this capitalization format after this. Based on a few photos shared by Yard House to Guilty Eats, some folks went the fruity umbrella cocktail route, and while that’s good in certain circumstances, Yard House knows you can do better.

And in fact, if you are turning 21 on April 7, the first 50 people to DM proof of their birth date to Yard House will get what the chain calls a “special dining gift to make the next day a little less rough.” Fingers crossed it’s a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll and a hot cup of coffee from the deli. More likely it’s some Alka Seltzer or something. By hey, free stuff! You're gonna need it, trust me.

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