Natty Light wants to send you on a free Eurotrip… To America

Scotty doesn’t know about this contest, but now you do.
Natty Light American Eurotrip - credit: Natural Light
Natty Light American Eurotrip - credit: Natural Light /

Back in 2004 at the height of the teen sex comedy renaissance, DreamWorks released a modern classic: EuroTrip. Per the name, it was about a bunch of teens heading on a trip to Europe, and things, shall we say, got a little raunchy. But the real highlight of the movie was a song sung by surprise guest star Matt Damon (in real life by the band Lustra) titled “Scotty Doesn’t Know.” I won’t get into the details, since this is a family website, but it’s an iconic scene for a reason and set the tone for the movie to come.

Now, here’s another thing Scotty doesn’t know about… Natural Light’s American EuroTrip. The American-based beer brand is sending two fans on a 10-night, five-city tour of America. And while we can’t promise sexy shenanigans like in EuroTrip, you will get to visit cities in the good ol’ USA that have the same name as European cities.

The reasoning? Natural Light is sold in America, not Europe. So why travel somewhere where you can’t down a crisp, cool Natty Light?

“Vacationing to Europe might impress your Instagram followers, but it’s definitely going to empty your wallet and leave you questioning your choices once you realize there’s no Natty over there,” says Krystyn Stowe, Head of Marketing, Busch Family & Natural Family at Anheuser-Busch via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “So this 4th of July, Natural Light is going all in on a Natty-inspired American adventure for our fans who would prefer crossing state lines to crossing the pond.”

The locations include: Paris, Texas; Dublin, Ohio; Venice, Florida; Athens, Georgia; and Holland, Michigan. Presumably, Natty Light will be provided in every location, but TBA.

The contest kicks off today and ends on July 4, 2024, at 11:59 pm ET. In order to enter, you need to follow one of the Natural Light brand accounts on Instagram, X, or Facebook, and comment #NattyEuroTrip and #sweepstakes for a chance to win. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: this is for US residents 21 years of age or older.

…Just nobody tell Scotty.

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