Netflix launches its own popcorn, but will it get canceled after two bags?

Under Netflix’s metrics, eating two kernels counts as eating the whole bag.
Netflix Now Popping - Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle and Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle - credit: Netflix
Netflix Now Popping - Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle and Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle - credit: Netflix /

If you’ve ever flipped on the latest Netflix show or movie and thought “I wish I was also eating Netflix branded popcorn while watching this,” have I got some exciting news for you. As announced yesterday as part of the streamer’s summer slate, Netflix is teaming up with Popcorn Indiana to release Now Popping, a new line of ready-to-eat popcorn.

The line comes in two flavors: Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle Corn; and Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle Corn, and is currently available in Walmart stores nationwide. It may also be available at other locations, so thankfully Popcorn Indiana has a locator to find a bag. Just click the link, and then click the bag labeled “Netflix” which is, to be honest, real weird.

Also weird? The prices for the item are all over the place. A quick check of several chains in my area shows that Key Food Marketplace is selling a bag for $2.99, ShopRite is selling a bag for $4.99, and Stop & Shop for $5.79. Given the Netflix Basic Plan with Ads is currently $6.99, that’s nearly an entire month of Netflix for the price of one bag of popcorn, at least at Stop & Shop.

That said, while on the surface Netflix releasing a popcorn line might be a head-scratcher, it’s actually the least weird thing about this. Netflix already has their own flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Netflix & Chill’d, which has been around since 2021 and honestly is better than a lot of the shows they produce, so maybe they should pivot to ice cream?

And I had blacked out on this happening, but while looking through Walmart’s listings for popcorn, saw that AMC Theaters released their own line of popcorn in stores, $3.98 a bag. Perhaps of note, the AMC popcorn comes in “Butter” or “Extra Butter” flavors.

I guess the price and the flavors are where the real weirdness comes in. Why Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle Corn? Why Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle Corn? Neither of these adjectives or flavors are things that I personally associate with Netflix, nor – based on the online reaction here – does it seem like fans of Netflix associate with the brand, either.

What about another riff on the classic phrase with Netflix & Chili, for some spicy popcorn? Or some popcorn with salt, pepper, and No Third Seasoning? Prematurely Canceled Kettle Corn could be another option, and as a fun riff you have to eat the bag in the first 28 days or Netflix might take it off shelves forever. Honestly, I could do this all day.

Regardless, the popcorn is on sale now, and I’m sure it goes great with the new season of Bridgerton or something.

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