Crumbl Cookies sticks with fan favorites for the week of June 17 to 22

It's all about the Nilla Bean Cupcake and Strawberry Crumb Cake this week.
Strawberry Crumb Cake, Nilla Bean Cupcake, & More! | Crumbl
Strawberry Crumb Cake, Nilla Bean Cupcake, & More! | Crumbl / Crumbl Cookies

For June 17 to 22, Crumbl Cookies is skipping the new and bringing back some fan favorites, instead. While we love how often Crumbl delivers new innovations to its menu, it can be nice seeing a lineup of only returning favorites.

This week, it is all about some unique flavor combinations, classic cookies, and the kind of treats that will kickstart a summer of fun. In this case, we're talking about their Nilla Bean Cupcake cookie, the Strawberry Crumbl Cake Cookie, and even a delightful sandwich cookie.

So what exactly does Crumbl Cookies have for us this week? This week it is all about satisfying that sweet tooth in style, and we are here for it.

Crumbl Cookies gives us an extra sweet lineup for June 17-22

This is a week of returning favorites, although, for some of us, this will be our first opportunity to try these cookie flavors. Will we find a new favorite cookie this week?

  • Nilla Bean Cupcake Cookie - This starts with a cakey cookie that tastes like classic vanilla bean. Then it gets a cream cheese frosting that tastes like vanilla before being finished with white sprinkles. This is a simple but delicious cookie, perfect for the vanilla lovers out there.
  • Mallow Sandwich Featuring Oreo - According to Crumbl, this is a "fluffy, creamy center with brownie pieces sandwiched between two chocolate cookies made with OREO® cookie pieces." We love a good sandwich cookie and that is exactly what this is. This is chocolatey goodness with a creamy center. This is a winner all around.
  • Strawberry Crumb Cake Cookie - This is a strawberry cookie that has white drops baked in. It is topped with a "milky glaze" and then finished with a crunchy streusel topping of vanilla and strawberry. This is a strawberry lovers dream and if it isn't a favorite yet, it just might become one.
  • Hazelnut Sea Salt - This is a browned butter cookie that is not only stuffed with chocolate hazelnut, but also gets topped with that hazelnut spread as well. Then to finish it off, Crumbl adds a sprinkle of sea salt. Honestly, this cookie is a must-try for fans of Nutella.
  • Cake Batter Blondie - Take a cake batter flavored cookie and add white drops, then roll it in colorful sprinkles and you have the Cake Batter Blondie Cookie. It is a decadent cookie that is simple but delicious. And this is another fan favorite for Crumbl lovers.
  • Milk Chocolate Chip - Finally, you can't have a week of fan favorites without the OG cookie flavor, the milk chocolate chip.

This is a great week for fans of Crumbl and for anyone who has missed out on some of these flavors in the past. Not only can you snag these flavors in mini form on Monday, but this is a great week to try something new or grab those favorites you have been waiting to enjoy again.

This might be the week we stock up on a favorite and throw them in the freezer, because this is definitely a tasty week for cookie lovers.

What do you think fellow Guilty Eaters? Are you excited for this week's Crumbl Cookie flavors? Which cookie are you the most excited for?

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