Now is the time to stock up on Tostitos products to get you ready for Super Bowl Sunday

Snack chips on a supermarket shelf
Snack chips on a supermarket shelf / James Leynse/GettyImages

Is there anything better than having plenty of delicious snacks on hand to watch a movie, enjoy a day of binge watching TV, or the biggest thing of all, enjoying a sporting event like the Super Bowl? Honestly, we think not! And one of our favorite snacks to enjoy has to be Tostitos.

Tostitos is never a bad snack idea, especially when you think about the wide range of choices they have for us on store shelves. Not only are there tortilla chips to snack on, but they also have us covered with the dips and salsa we want (and need).

Not only does Tostitos have scoops, thin & crispy cantina chips, and even bite size tortilla chips, but they also have salsa, queso, and even an avocado salsa. For us, these are some of the most essential must-haves for a Super Bowl Sunday gathering. And they are the things that make a football watch party fun.

So what is better than enjoying a day of football with the perfect snacks? How about saving money on the Tostitos you plan to snack on?

Tostitos is the perfect snack to have on Super Bowl Sunday

Right now, there are some great deals to be found on snacking options for Super Bowl Sunday, especially in terms of Tostitos products. In fact, if you have a Dollar General near you, then you may want to check them out as their current weekly deal, running from January 28 to February 3, Tostitos chips are Buy One, Get One 50% off, while the salsas are two for $7.

Of course, Dollar General is not the only place where you can save on Tostitos products. Grocery stores are also giving us some tasty deals, including Kroger which is doing two for $10 on the party size bags of tortilla chips. Another store that is giving us a deal on Tostitos is Stop & Shop which is currently doing three for $9 when you buy three bags of their tortilla chips.

Basically, if Tostitos is your go to snack for any occasion, then this is the perfect time to stock up. And once the Super Bowl arrives, you will be ready to go without killing your wallet.

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