OREO flips the script on dessert with new Dirt Cake cookies and Tiramisu THINS

The new flavors will hit stores on March 4, 2024.

Oreo Dirt Cake and Oreo Tiramisu Thins - credit: Nabisco
Oreo Dirt Cake and Oreo Tiramisu Thins - credit: Nabisco /

For years, dessert lovers have been using Oreo cookies as an integral part of more complicated recipes. Oreos will often provide a base for dirt cake, that delicious mud-pie stuffed with other treats. Or you can find dozens of recipes for tiramisu made with the cookies. And now, OREO itself is flipping the script by releasing two new flavors based on the classic desserts: OREO Dirt Cake cookies; and OREO Tiramisu THINS.

Both new cookies will be released on March 4, 2024. But while the Dirt Cake are Oreo’s latest limited edition cookie, the Tiramisu THINS are becoming a permanent part of the line alongside your basic THIN, Mint, Lemon, Golden Cookie, and Extra Stuf.

Let’s talk Dirt Cake first, because this one sounds wild. Here’s the official description, per OREO:

“Let the nostalgia commence! Introducing OREO Dirt Cake chocolate sandwich cookies, the OREO brand’s take on the classic mud-pie dessert that everyone loved growing up. This indulgent cookie features the signature chocolate base cake that fans know and love, with a layer of rich brownie flavor creme on top of a layer of chocolate creme with OREO wafer crumb and gummy worm-inspired sprinkles on top. The limited-edition cookie will be available nationwide, while supplies last.”

OREO Dirt Cake
OREO Dirt Cake - credit: Nabisco /

Chocolate cookie? Check. Brownie creme? We’ve been here before. Chocolate creme with OREO wafer crumb? Sign me up. Gummy worm-inspired sprinkles??? I am waiting outside on line for opening day, because I don’t even know what that means.

Meanwhile, you’ve got the Tiramisu THINS, which frankly, sound delightful. Here’s the official description for that one:

A delectable twist on everyone’s favorite OREO THINS cookies! Introducing OREO THINS Tiramisu cookies – our classic thin cookie filled with a sweet, delectable layer of tiramisu flavor creme filling. OREO THINS Tiramisu cookies will be a permanent addition to the OREO brand portfolio. 

OREO THINS Tiramisu - credit: Nabisco /

As a big fan of tiramisu in general, as well as a big fan of OREO’s take on coffee flavored creme (the Java Chip flavor is real good), I cannot wait to try this one, as well.

Overall, this seems less head-scratching than some recent OREO releases (hello, Black and White Cookie flavored OREOs), and far more exciting and interesting. Is it March 4 yet?

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