OREO hops on the churro trend with limited edition fried dough flavored cookie

The new cookie will also have a churro flavor creme and… A sugar inclusion?

Churro Flavor Creme Oreo - credit: Oreo
Churro Flavor Creme Oreo - credit: Oreo /

Inside you are two wolves. One wolf is the wolf that finds the current churro trend a little annoying and has written about it on Guilty Eats, detailing how churro isn’t a flavor so much as an experience; and if you can’t reproduce that experience exactly, why bother? The other wolf loves OREOs.

So imagine how those two wolves felt when it was just announced today that OREO will be releasing a limited edition Churro flavor, starting on March 27, 2024.

Here’s how OREO describes the new cookie, and please keep reading because I have some follow-up questions.

“Churro, which features a brand-new fried dough flavored cookie with churro flavor creme and delicious sugar inclusion.”

I think the most straightforward part of this cookie that I can guess without tasting it is that the “churro flavor creme” is cinnamon. Sugar too, sure, but every Oreo creme tastes of sugar because… They’re made with sugar. That’s all fine and good, and exactly what you would expect from an OREO Churro cookie.

Let’s talk “fried dough flavored cookie.” What… Does this mean? Yes, fried dough has a taste to it, in a sense. But the main feature of fried dough is the texture. It’s crunchy on the outside; soft on the inside. Sometimes, and even better, it’s gooey on the inside. Are these OREO cookies… Gooey? Are they the Gushers of OREOs?

The answer is “probably not” and also “definitely not,” but I am wondering how this will differentiate itself from the similar, albeit lemony, Golden cookie OREO has had on the shelves for years.

The biggest question mark though is “sugar inclusion.” My best guess is that like how OREO has experimented – successfully – with popping candy in some cookies, this has crystals of sugar in the creme that give it a little crunch as you bite through.

Whatever is going on with these cookies, we’ll know more next week. Fingers crossed one of those wolves is pleasantly surprised, and the other wolf is elated.

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