Oscars snacks… Revealed! Here’s what audience members are munching on at the 2024 Academy Awards

It's less snacks than last year, but it's something.

96th Annual Academy Awards - Show
96th Annual Academy Awards - Show / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

The Oscars – and you may be aware of this – are very long. But while you’re at home able to grab all the munchies you want, those inside the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles are stuck in their seats for the whole ceremony which, conservatively, may run three, four hours, or perhaps longer. Thankfully, host Jimmy Kimmel has provided audience-members with snacks!

According to Richard Rushfield, columnist for The Ankler, there’s a snack box under every seat with a soft pretzel and Junior Mints. Is that enough to keep people energized for the entire run of the show? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s what they’ve got, unless they snuck some In-N-Out burger in their pockets.

The box is also emblazoned with a cartoon version of Kimmel, smiling and holding up an Oscar so you know that Kimmel packed every box personally (just kidding, I’m sure he didn’t). 

Curiously, this seems to be a step down from 2023, where Kimmel packed soft pretzels and Junior Mints, as well as Good & Plenty, Milk Duds, and Sno-caps. While I would probably pass the Good & Plenty and Sno-caps over to my seat-mate, and Milk Duds are a hard chew at a fancy event, it is a bummer that folks have to make due with less this year. Perhaps because the ceremony is starting an hour earlier, they assume people don’t need as much to chomp on?

I will say: that is wrong. Despite the ceremony beginning at 3 pm PT instead of 4 pm PT, people need their blood sugar, and they need snacks. Lots of snacks! Put some M&Ms in there, or maybe some Twizzlers or something (or Red Vines, I guess, this is the West Coast).

Anyway, thank you Kimmel, and hope everyone makes it through okay.

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