Panda Express heats things up with a spicy version of a fan favorite

Move over, Orange Chicken. Here comes Hot Orange Chicken.
Panda Express, Hot Orange Chicken
Panda Express, Hot Orange Chicken /

The temperatures are rising with the summer season quickly approaching, but Panda Express is getting a head start and turning up the heat! Now through June 23, the fast food chain is serving up a new, spicy version of a fan favorite. Can you guess what it is?

Which meal comes to mind when you think about Panda Express? For most people, I'm willing to bet it's the chain's iconic Orange Chicken. Simply put, it's one of the meals Panda Express serves to perfection. If you're ever not sure what to order, you really can't go wrong with orange chicken. The orange chicken is the go-to for many of its customers, especially those not so quick to try new things. If this sounds like you, Panda Express is offering your tastebuds a familiar, yet different, more spunky adventure: Hot Orange Chicken.

The brand has taken its Original Orange Chicken and spiced things up! This is the same chicken you know and love but with six scoops of crushed chilis and a ladle full of dried chilis. For reference, these are the same chilis used in the Panda's Kung Pao Chicken dish. It's a daring amount of chilis. I don't think you understand just how spicy this is. Luckily, the brand took to Instagram to share a video of Panda Chef Adrian Lok preparing Hot Orange Chicken. And, honestly, as someone who can only handle mild spice, I'm scared. Check it out HERE.

In the video, Lok shares that he has always wished the Orange Chicken featured a spicier kick. And now we have it. Will you be able to handle the heat? You don't have too long to find out! Panda Express shares that the Hot Orange Chicken will only be available through June 23, nationwide while supplies last! Prices may vary per location, but my local Panda Express has it for $9.80 under the Plate options and $11.30 under the Bigger Plate selections.

Make no mistake, I may be intimidated by the Hot Orange Chicken, but I never back down from a foodie challenge. The question is, what will I pair the Hot Orange Chicken with to help with the heat? I'm thinking the White Steamed Rice and maybe the Honey Walnut Shrimp. Any suggestions? Stay tuned for my review!

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