Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Peach are here to beat the heat – and Bobby Flay – this summer

The two new flavors are part of the brand’s new campaign with the cooking icon.
Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Peach
Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Peach /

Pepsi is all-in on summer this year, as not only are they teaming up with celebrity chef Bobby Flay, but they’re also launching two new summery flavors: Pepsi Lime, and Pepsi Peach.

"When it comes to barbecue, the right beverage can truly elevate the experience. Pepsi, with its complex flavor profile, is the perfect counterpoint to the smoky, rich barbecue dishes that have been such a staple of my culinary journey. Whether you're enjoying fall-off-the-bone ribs, juicy burgers, or perfectly smoked brisket, Pepsi makes each bite pop for a truly memorable meal,” said Bobby Flay via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “Grilling and Pepsi go hand-in-hand as summer staples and I am as excited as anyone to explore the possibilities that Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Peach bring to the table this season."

Just a suggestion: I would love to see the Beat Bobby Flay host walk into my barbecue and try to beat whatever soda we have on hand with Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Peach, in a riff on the classic Coke vs Pepsi challenge. This is my direct pitch to Pepsi’s marketing agency. Free idea here, folks! Have at it!

Anyway, you’re probably wondering about the flavors. Here’s what Pepsi has to say about them, though you probably know what a lime and a peach generally taste like:

“Peach and lime are essential flavors to punch up the quintessential American BBQ – cherished for their sweet, refreshing taste as the weather warms up – so the brand is kicking off summer by introducing Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Peach, tailor-made for summer grill life. The tangy citrus bite of lime and the plush sweetness of a ripe peach are popular and nostalgic summertime flavor profiles, and when combined with the crisp and refreshing taste of Pepsi, both Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Peach provide a delectable sweet and refreshing flavor to pair with and enhance the bold, dynamic and smokey savory flavors created on a grill.”

Honestly, drinking a Pepsi Peach with some peach barbecue glazed chicken sounds pretty darn good, if you ask me – though between the two I will 100% reach for the Pepsi Lime because I am a Lime Fiend!! Trademark pending.

The new flavors will be available “soon” nationwide in 12-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles. Bobby Flay will probably not be available to challenge you at your barbecue anytime soon, he’s a busy guy! And to make him busier, he’s participating in the brand’s #BetterWithPepsi campaign all summer long which will include ads, stunts, in-store displays, and more. Part of that more is an Epic Summer BBQ Giveaway, which, per the name, will lead to one Pepsi fan winning a BBQ party for his or herself and guests. Bobby Flay not included.

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