Pizza Hut introduces Cheeseburger Melt, two pieces of burger pizza smashed together

There’s a lot to unpack here, literally.

Shots fired! Pizza Hut is coming straight for the burger chains with their brand new Cheeseburger Melt, which is a folded-over pizza filled with beef (don’t worry, there’s more to it). To launch the new product, delivery drivers are ominously parking outside your favorite burger restaurant with the opportunity to get the new Cheeseburger Melt, free.

"As a brand known for exceptional pizzas, venturing into the burger business is an exciting first for us," said Lindsay Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut said via press release. "We thought we'd kick off our burger journey with something bold. That's why we're making waves in burger chain drive-thrus, serving up our delicious new Cheeseburger Melt for all you burger lovers out there."

So what is the Cheeseburger Melt? Basically, they take two slices of parmesan-crusted thin crust Melt, fold them, fill the resulting melt with beef, applewood-smoked bacon, onions, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese, and serve the whole thing with a Burger Sauce on the side. This is an extension of the Pizza Hut Melts line, which also includes Pepperoni Lovers with a marinara dipping sauce, Buffalo Chicken with a buffalo and a ranch dipping sauce, Chicken Bacon Parmesan with a ranch dipping sauce, and Meat Lover’s with a marinara dipping sauce.

All of these Melts – and more! – are available in a new My Hut Box Offer, which includes either one of the Melts, or a 2-topping Personal Pan Pizza, plus a side of 4 boneless wings or fries and a 20 oz. drink. They’re available for $6.99… But how about if you want one for free? Great question, my best friend.

As part of the launch of the Cheeseburger Melt, delivery drivers will be parked outside prominent burger restaurant drive-thrus. On the car’s back window will be a QR code which can be scanned for a coupon redeemable for a free Cheeseburger Melt and Pepsi. There’s a catch, though: these cars will only be driving around Chicago and Miami. If you live anywhere else, you’re going to have to buy a Cheeseburger Melt like a total sucker.

So will this actually beat the cheeseburger? Eh… Probably not. But I can’t argue with the idea that two pieces of burger pizza folded together to make a sandwich sounds good. Because it does.

Now, who wants to go with me to Miami?

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