Pop-Tarts teams up with Jerry Seinfeld to release “Trat-Pops” from Netflix’s UNFROSTED

There’s also a digital short with Seinfeld and a giant Pop-Tart.
Pop-Tarts® teams up with UNFROSTED in unconventional integrated campaign.
Pop-Tarts® teams up with UNFROSTED in unconventional integrated campaign. /

UNFROSTED, which hits Netflix on May 3, 2024, is a fictional comedy in the mode of AIR or Flamin’ Hot about the race to create Pop-Tarts. And of course, the movie is bleeding into the real world thanks to a partnership with the real Pop-Tarts to release “Trat-Pops,” the product in the movie.

"UNFROSTED is the ultimate flattery, and the biggest fanfiction ever," said Heidi Ray, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Pop-Tarts via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. "At every level of fandom, Pop-Tarts continues to spark creativity – from the user-generated Edible Mascot memes at the Pop-Tarts Bowl to a homemade recipe from arguably the world's biggest pop star, and now to Jerry Seinfeld's UNFROSTED film. We've been at the heart of culture for 60 years, and look forward to inspiring it for many, many more."

So what are Trat-Pops? They’re a mistake, basically. Apparently, at some point in the movie, there’s a “charming typo” that leads to this packaging showing up, though Pop-Tarts was mum on how exactly it happens in the flick. Cue up George coming in and saying, "Jerry! They printed Trat-Pops, Jerry!" You can basically write a whole Seinfeld episode about this!

Anyway, the good news if you’re a fan of movie collectible boxes (and Pop-Tarts): you can sign up to get one of these at poptarts.com/Unfrosted right now. However, we should note they come with the Trat-Pops as well, so don't leave them sitting around to rot on your shelf or anything.

There’s a lot more going on in this collaboration, too, as Seinfeld is also appearing in a digital short where he interacts with Pop-Tart execs, and a giant talking Pop-Tart. Is it the same giant Pop-Tart mascot who was sacrificed at a recent football game? The world may never know.

There will also be supermarket standees, and the promise of more “Crazy Good” antics to come as the movie arrives on streaming.

Whatever that means, we’ll always have Trat-Pops.

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