Popeyes joins the value menu madness with a $6.99 meal box

It might be time to make the value meal competition an Olympic sport at this point.
Popeye's adds a $6.99 value meal
Popeye's adds a $6.99 value meal / Scott Olson/GettyImages

In what has already been a tug-of-war contest to discover which fast food restaurant has the best value meal, Popeyes is the latest chain to step into the ring with not one -- but two different value meals... Though one is more than twice the price of the other.

And in this case, sometimes the best meals are ones you've already rolled out. And that is what Popeyes has done by rereleasing its Big Box promotion. The meal features two pieces of the signature Popeyes fried chicken (spicy or mild), two regular sides, and a biscuit for the pretty decent price of $6.99.

If tenders are more your thing, the company has also created a Bigger Box, great for families. It allows the option to choose between 10 chicken tenders or 10 pieces of fried chicken, and four biscuits for $20. However, the downside with this one is that the sides aren't included.

Even so, that is a lot of chicken when considering the price tag. And it will likely lead to a lot of traffic at the fast food restaurant with people looking for ways to push back against inflation, which is skyrocketing the price of everything.

Although it is a little more expensive than the last time Popeyes released this nationally in 2022 -- it was previously $6 -- anytime I have the opportunity to grab a meal that is filling for under $10, I call it a win... Especially when it is as tasty as Popeyes chicken when it's fresh.

As the value battle continues, we've seen many places get involved. From Buffalo Wild Wings having all-you-can-eat wings and fries on Mondays and Wednesdays to Pizza Hut creating their My Hut Box, this summer is proving the priority is value, with places responding to customer pleas for a break on their food taxes.

For now, it's time to not only love the chicken at Popeyes -- but also love their deals. Here's to saving money this summer!

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