Pringles Croc-Tail Party review: The Crocs-inspired flavor thankfully doesn’t taste like Crocs

In fact it’s watermelon chili lime, which is just as surprising.
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Pringles® x Crocs™ Classic Crush Boot_Croc-Tail Party_1x1 /

Today, Pringles announced a wild collabo with Crocs to release a line of shoes based on their chips. Those include different colors inspired by Pringles flavors, some Mr. Pringles Jibbitz to deck out your shoes, and even a pair of Crocs with a Pringles holster.

Oh, and because turnabout is fair play, a Crocs-inspired flavor of Pringles, as well. Seriously.

Called Croc-Tail Party, the flavor is available exclusively with the purchase of the Pringles x Crocs collection, which opens for sale at beginning on Tuesday, April 16 at 12 pm ET. However, Pringles was kind enough to send Guilty Eats a sample of the new flavor for review.

So, how are Crocs-inspired Pringles? Much better than chowing down on a shoe, I’ll say that much. And perhaps even “pretty good,” though the main word I’d use to describe them is “surprising.”

In fact, every one of my food testers (read: my family), including myself, who checked out the new flavor made the same face when tasting one of these crisps. First, they munched. Then they paused, cocked their heads like a dog, and widened their eyes. Then continued to chew. And the best test of a flavor: tried another chip.

The main reason is that the actual flavor of these crisps is watermelon chili lime. I don’t know about you, but potato and watermelon isn’t a combo I usually partake in. But it sort of works? The brightness of the watermelon is, in fact, the dominant flavor that I got off the chips, with the chili hitting the back of my throat as an after-taste. The lime really only came through for me with repeated tastes, though others got lime immediately. So YCMV (Your Chips May Vary).

Look, I sort of get what they were going for here. Crocs are a summer shoe, watermelon makes you think of summer, and a spicy watermelon margarita is certainly a refreshing thing that combines all three of those flavors (watermelon, chili, lime). Croc-tail, cocktail. You get it. However, I don’t usually plunk a potato in my margarita, which is possibly what’s messing me up here.

The real question is, is this a novelty flavor or one I’d actively grab off the shelf? And the answer is right in the middle there. Personally, I didn’t mind these. As usual with Pringles eating the whole canister yielded better flavor results than a singular crisp. But I’m not sure it’s a flavor I’d seek out on my own. As is, the Croc-Tail Party is worth it as a conversation starter at, well, cocktail parties, for sure. I just wouldn’t regularly holster it on my ankle in my Crocs holster or anything.

Pringles Croc-Tail Party. B-. The surprising flavor of the watermelon chili lime crisps thankfully doesn't taste like Crocs, but probably won't enter our regular Pringles rotation.. . Pringles Croc-Tail Party

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