Chicken Sandwich War II: Shake Shack announces free Chicken Sandwich Sundays, shots fired at Chick-fil-A

We just got past the whole Popeyes thing, now this.
Chicken Shack from Shake Shake
Chicken Shack from Shake Shake /

My dearest Guilty Eats readers, it has been too long since I have seen home here on the front line of the Chicken Sandwich Wars. Our commander had told us they were done. Popeyes had won the Chicken Sandwich War, fair and square, and we were soon to return to the loving embrace of our families, to see their faces again, to spend one day not judging “which chicken sandwich is best?”

But it is not over. Nay, Chicken Sandwich War II has just begun, and Shake Shack has launched the first offensive: every Sunday in April they will give away free Chicken Shack sandwiches, a direct affront to the name of Chick-fil-A, which as you well know is closed on Sundays.

There is a calm before the storm, my beloved. The promotion does not begin until this Sunday, April 7, 2024. But it will continue, every Sunday, at all U.S. Shacks, rain or shine. The only place of safety from this battering of battered chicken sandwiches is airports, stadiums, arenas, travel plazas, and museums, where they shall not be available for purchase. I hope you and our little ones stay safe in these trying times.

Ah, I am getting shivers now, sitting here in the cold, waiting outside the Shake Shack to take a bite of their frankly delicious white-meat chicken breast sandwich, which includes lettuce, pickles, and a smooth and tasty buttermilk herb mayo on their classic toasted potato bun. But we must wait until the store opens on Sunday! And on Sunday, April 14! And April 21, and 28! And then no more Sundays after that, probably! TBD!

My heart, my true one, you might be wondering how to take advantage of such a deal. Surely it cannot be as easy as storming through the door of your local Shake Shack and demanding free chicken. No, it is not that easy. It's also not very hard. But our commander has come up with a clever plan:

  1. We will place a minimum order of $10 on the Shake Shack app, website, or on a kiosk in a store.
  2. Our elite units will enter a secret code: CHICKENSUNDAY. You must know, my love, that you are limited to one sandwich per order.
  3. Once the items are in our tank – sorry, cart — the offer will be automatically applied.

And then – on to victory!

Your faithful husband, Mr. Chicken Sandwich Lover.

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