Shake Shack Korean menu review: Is the new Korean BBQ Burger worth it?

Shake Shack has introduced a new Korean-inspired menu featuring a Korean chicken sandwich, Korean BBQ burger, and more. We tried it all.
Shake Shack Korean inspired menu
Shake Shack Korean inspired menu / k
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Are you Team Swicy, or Team Umami? That’s the question Shake Shack has put forth to fans of their delectable sort-of-fast-food, thanks to their newly introduced, Korean inspired menu. With a brand new chicken sandwich, a piping hot burger, and some spicy fries, this is a must try for any Shake Shackian (is that the fanbase name?). But given that Shake Shack is a little more high budget than your run-of-the-mill value chain, is it worth it? Is the new Korean-inspired menu any good?

Great news for you, we’ve tried most of the new options here at Guilty Eats, thanks to our local Shake Shack (note: none of this was provided for review, it was all paid for with our own hard-earned money). There are, all told, four items for purchase for an unspecified limited amount of time: Korean Style Fried Chicken Sandwich; Korean BBQ burger; and Spicy Korean BBQ fries, with or without cheese. Oh, and a highlight of all of these is a Korean BBQ sauce, which is served on the side of the fries.

Like with previous menus, Shake Shack has worked with a specific provider to craft the menu. Here, the Shack collaboed with Choi’s Kimchi, a Portland, Oregon small-batch kimchi company, and specifically with Chong Choi, the owner, on the kimchi blend for the white kimchi slaw in the Korean Style Fried Chicken Sandwich.

So, preamble out of the way, let’s get into it. Is the Shake Shack Korean-inspired menu any good? Let’s review, item by item.