Shake Shack Korean menu review: Is the new Korean BBQ Burger worth it?

Shake Shack has introduced a new Korean-inspired menu featuring a Korean chicken sandwich, Korean BBQ burger, and more. We tried it all.
Shake Shack Korean inspired menu
Shake Shack Korean inspired menu / k
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Spicy Korean BBQ Fries

Last, and perhaps least, were the Spicy Korean BBQ Fries, which are supposed to be “spiced with kimchi seasoning.” Like the burger, Shake Shack crinkle-cut fries are crispy, fluffy, and all around some of the better fast food fries around.

The kimchi seasoning ruined them? Not only did it not taste like kimchi, it was one of the worst spicy offenders: all heat, no flavor.

I didn’t end up getting the cheese fries because it seemed like a bit much, and I’m glad I didn’t. That said, I did get some non-Korean BBQ fries (aka, regular fries), and dipping them in the Korean BBQ Sauce was stellar. You get a lot of the creaminess (I’m assuming it’s mayo-based), the umami, the actual spice and flavor you’re missing from the BBQ fries, without the unnecessary and unwelcome burn.