SKITTLES is letting one fan live the rainbow, free for a year in a Skittled-out New York apartment

Hope you like SKITTLES!
Skittles Littles Living Room
Skittles Littles Living Room /

Do you love SKITTLES? Like, really love SKITTLES? Do you love them so much you could marry them? Well, you’re not allowed to do that - yet. However, you can live in a tiny SKITTLES apartment in New York City, rent-free, for a year.

In honor of the launch of SKITTLES Littles, interior designer Dani Klarić remade a 353 square foot apartment in Carmel Place, a micro-unit apartment building, to make it feel like you’re living inside of a bag of SKITTLES. Or at least that’s my interpretation given the pictures shared by the brand of the pad.

Skittles Littles Living Room /

"The SKITTLES Littles Living apartment feels like a small escape from reality with the rainbow colors and maximalist decor," said Klarić via a press releać provided to Guilty Eats. "Living in a small space doesn't mean you have to think small when it comes to style. I had so much fun transforming the SKITTLES Littles Living apartment with bold colors and funky furniture."

The apartment itself is pretty wild, with a fold-out bed, SKITTLES art throughout, and of course, all the SKITTLES you can eat around every corner and in every cabinet. And in the bathroom. Seriously.

Skittles Littles Bathroom /

"SKITTLES isn't afraid to max out the micro and deliver a truly pleasantly perplexing way to experience our newest innovation, SKITTLES Littles" said Ro Cheng, Vice President at Mars, via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. "We hope to inspire moments of everyday happiness for fans, helping them enjoy the little things in life through our SKITTLES Littles Living apartment."

Unfortunately, only one SKITTLES fan will snag the chance to move in here rent-free for a year. All you have to do is enter at by May 21. And be 18+. And love SKITTLES.

That last part isn’t in the rules, but frankly even with the rent paid for, if you don’t love SKITTLES you’re going to get sick of this, real quick.

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