SmartSweets review: The new improved recipe is delicious and addictive, without the extra sugar

SmartSweets, the superstar of low-sugar treats, has just rolled out new and improved recipes for some of their best-selling candies and I tried them all for you.
SmartSweets Top Selling Box. Image courtesy SmartSweets
SmartSweets Top Selling Box. Image courtesy SmartSweets /

I'd like to start this off by saying I am not a fan of candy. Hard to believe, I know.

SmartSweets, the superstar of low-sugar treats, has just rolled out new and improved recipes for some of their best-selling candies: Sweet Fish, Sourmelon Bites, Sour Blast Buddies, and Peach Rings. Since 2016, SmartSweets has been the go-to for anyone looking to enjoy candy without the sugar overload. Founder Tara Bosch and her team are all about innovation and listening to the community, and this new recipe is a huge step in making sure everyone can enjoy their favorite treats without compromise.

These new recipes have up to 92% less sugar than traditional candies, and they’ve ditched the artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. After months of perfecting these recipes with heaps of feedback from candy lovers like you, they've concocted some more deliciousness, packed it, and sent it to my humble abode.

Here's a little update to this review with a backstory: the folks over at SmartSweets were super nice and sent me a box full of goodies to try. Little did I notice that I was given both the original and improved recipes to try. While trying the Sourmelon Bites and the Sour Blast Buddies, I did not realize I had grabbed the original recipe instead of the new and improved one, so I ended up accidentally reviewing the wrong recipe for my article. Though slightly embarrassed about it, at least I can say with confidence that the new recipes for all their best-selling flavors are absolutely delicious and indeed much better than the previous ones - talk about the perfect accident for a completely honest review!

Let's talk about the yums and yucks of each flavor I tried, shall we?

Sourmelon Bites

SmartSweets Sourmelon Bites. Image courtesy SmartSweets /

As I mentioned before, I am not a fan of candy, but I do crave it every once in a while. When I do indulge in them I go for sour candies - it's a no-brainer that these were my first pick.

The Yucks

No yucks here - the new recipe completely improves on the original one.

The Yums

These are tasty. They do have the stereotypical artificial watermelon taste but in a very pleasant amount - it doesn't smack you in the face and make you grimace. It's nicely sour, and it does not stick to your teeth! It's a smooth, sour, and sweet taste without all the sugar.

An huge improvement on the original recipe - sour, tasty, and not sticky,. . SmartSweet Sourmelon Bites. Sourmelon. A+

Sour Blast Buddies

SmartSweets Sour Blast Buddies. Image courtesy SmartSweets /

The Sour Blast Buddies were a similar experience to the Sourmelon Bites.

The Yucks

The only yuck here is the fact I messed up when I originally reviewed these delicious candies. So embarrassed.

The Yums

TASTY! The Sour Blast Buddies were pretty delicious, with a smooth and subtle flavor that doesn't overwhelm you (or your tongue). Nicely sour, not sticky at all, and you'll be super sad when you reach the end of the bag.

The improvement from the original recipe is unreal. Delicious, sour, and not sticky.. . SmartSweets Sour Blast Buddies. Melons. A+

Peach Rings

SmartSweets Peach Rings. Image courtesy SmartSweets /

Ok, these were my favorite ones.

The Yucks

THESE ARE ADDICTIVE. That's it, that's the only downside to this deliciousness.

The Yums

The peachy flavor is immaculate, and the texture goes with it so well - it literally has a peachy feel to it. Sure, it's a rougher texture than you'd expect with your average Peach Rings, but it works so well with the flavor. There is a slight sourness to them as well, not it's not overbearing. The best thing is that these do not stick to your teeth!

A+. Delicious and addictive!. . SmartSweets Peach Rings. SmartSweets Peach Rings

Sweet Fish

SmartSweets Sweet Fish. Image courtesy SmartSweets /

Maybe these were my favorite ones. Honestly, these and the Peach Rings have been fighting for the number 1 spot, so it's inconclusive as of right now.

The Yucks

There aren't enough of them in the bag. There are, I just couldn't find a single bad thing about them.

The Yums

These are absolutely delicious. The texture is perfect, the taste is immaculate, and they don't stick to your teeth. They're magically sweet and smooth, and you'll keep reaching inside that bag hoping you didn't just grab the last one.

SmartSweets Sweet Fish. A+. Delicious, immaculate, superlative.. . SmartSweets Sweet Fish

But the fun doesn’t stop with just better versions of these classics. SmartSweets is also introducing new flavors like Tropical Sours and a special Barbie™ x SmartSweets Pink Lemonade Dream Gummy Candy.

These delicious treats are available nationwide in stores and online at So, whether you’re hitting up your local Target (because we all know you are) or shopping from the comfort of your home, your next not-so-guilty Guilty Eats candy fix is just a click away.

A huge thank you to SmartSweets for sending me these delicious treats to try out and review.

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