Heat up your National Pretzel Day with Snyder’s Hot Honey Pretzel Pieces

The limited-edition flavor hits stores just in time for NPD (National Pretzel Day).
Snyder's Hot Honey Pieces
Snyder's Hot Honey Pieces /

National Pretzel Day is a somber occasion, a time to really think back on all the times you’ve eaten some delicious pretzels. Or maybe it’s not? Perhaps instead it’s time to try something like Snyder’s of Hanover’s limited-edition Hot Honey Flavored Pretzel Pieces.

The new flavor hits shelves just in time for April 26’s National Pretzel Day, and according to the brand combines “sweet honey with spicy chili heat and a salty pretzel.” Given that Snyder’s Hot Buffalo Wing pieces were so deliciously addictive I had to stop myself from buying them because I would finish a bag on the way home from the grocery store, I can tell this is already going to be a serious problem. Also, I'm very curious how much time I'll spend licking my fingers after eating these, given how much time I spent doing that after munching the Hot Buffalo Wing pieces and/or the equally addictive Hot Mustard and Onion pieces. To quote Mean Girls: the limit does not exist.

Regardless of my personal issues, the Hot Honey pieces are here, and as the brand also notes are part of the larger hot honey trend that has consumed everything from pizza, to chicken, to chips, and now pretzels. I’m not mad, mind you. Combining sweet honey and spicy flavors is a scrumptious combo, and even if Snyder’s gets a little businessy by adding, “Hot Honey is having a moment as an on-trend flavor territory, with hot and spicy over-indexing among Gen Z and Millennials,” they’re also not wrong. Hot Honey is good, pretzels are good, it’s going to be a magical National Pretzel Day after all!

The bags are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.79. And please, don’t forget to call your pretzels and tell them you love them on National Pretzel Day. After everything they’ve done for you, it’s the least they deserve.

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