Snyder's of Hanover Hot Honey Flavored Pretzel Pieces review: The limited edition brings the heat and the sweet

Launched on National Pretzel Day, these snacks are only on shelves for a limited time.
Snyder's Hot Honey Pieces
Snyder's Hot Honey Pieces /

To be blunt up top, Snyder’s of Hanover’s Pretzel Pieces are a danger zone for me. I actively have to resist buying bags at the supermarket, because I will inhale the entire thing, bag and all, in one sitting. And now, with the introduction of their limited edition Hot Honey Flavored Pretzel Pieces, to quote Whoopi Goldberg from Ghost: you in danger, girl.

If you’re not familiar with the snacks, they’re pretty much what’s advertised on the label… Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, broken up into pieces like someone thwacked them with a hammer. And I think we can all agree that “pretzels are good,” a non-controversial statement if one was ever made. However, the Pretzel Pieces layer on an extremely strong dusting of flavor powder, which takes them to the next level.

Think about the amount of cheese you get on your fingers after eating Cheetos, and then double it. That’s how intense we’re talking. And the line is already pretty extensive with Honey Mustard & Onion, Hot Buffalo Wing, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeño, Buttermilk Ranch, and more. Of particular concern to my stomach and girlish figure are the first two, which are transcendent snacks. The Hot Buffalo Wing might be my favorite flavored pretzels of all time, and the one that led me to my “no, please, stop doing this to yourself” rule.

Enter a brand new flavor introduced for National Pretzel Day, Hot Honey, which is only available for a limited time. Snyder’s was kind enough to send me down a dangerous path by sending a bag over for review, and so with all that wind-up out of the way… Let’s review.

Unlike the top-tier flavors, this is a much milder experience. There’s some heat from the chili, and more sweet from the honey coming through. I also don’t know if Snyder’s changed the intensity level of their powdering since I last woke up in an alley covered in Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces, days of my life missing, but while the Hot Honey did coat my fingers, it wasn’t caked on per previous experiences.

Don’t get me wrong, I still ate the whole bag. But unlike my goat days (not “GOAT” but “goat” because I ate everything) I consumed these in several sittings, rather than one. The pretzels are crunchy. I would prefer a little more heat to balance out the sweetness. But if you’re a hot honey fan, this is a great snack to try while it lasts. It ain’t the Honey Mustard or Buffalo, but there isn’t a bad Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces in the bunch.

. Snyder's of Hanover Hot Honey Flavored Pretzel Pieces. Snyder's of Hanover Hot Honey Flavored Pretzel Pieces. B+. More sweet than hot, but still eminently snackable.

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