Sonic’s Flavorista Favorites review: Ranking our three favoritos

There are seven new drink mixes available at Sonic Drive-In locations. Here are our favorite three!
Sonic Flavorista Favorites - credit: SONIC
Sonic Flavorista Favorites - credit: SONIC /

This summer season, Sonic Drive-In released a fun, adventurous menu of new drinks, the Flavorista Favorites. Admittedly, it took me way too long to try these. In my defense, there are seven drinks on the new menu! Luckily, mini sizes are available for most of them. 

Sonic Drive-In’s Flavorista Favorites drinks include the Classic Cruiser, Rainbow Slush, Grape Escape, Paradise Sunset, Twisted Flamingo, Lemonade Cream Cooler, and Dirty Dr. Pepper. Oh yeah, you've got options this summer, my friend! Are you thirsty and need something sweet and cool? Sonic is your go-to. And it always has no matter the season! Sonic offers a little bit of everything, but the fast food chain is known for its sips! You can try something new every day from the beloved Sonic Blasts to all the drink mixes and Slushes. 

Here are my personal top three Flavorista Favorites from Sonic (and an honorable mention). 

3. Twisted Flamingo 

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Sonic Flavorista Favorites, Twisted Flamingo - credit: SONIC /

I’m a sucker for food and beverages with fun names, so Sonic’s Twisted Flamingo was the first of the Flavorista Favorites that I sampled. But I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did, simply because I’m not a huge fan of Sprite. The Twisted Flamingo features Sprite and cherry vanilla blended with sweet cream and finished off with Sonic’s classic cherry on top! The end result? A flavor escapade we didn’t know we needed. If you’re craving a sweet treat, the Twisted Flamingo will do the trick. 

2. Paradise Sunset 

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Sonic Flavorista Favorites, Paradise Sunset - credit: SONIC /

For just the right amount of sweetness, order the Paradise Sunset from Sonic! It features blood orange flavors with real strawberries for a true citrusy vacation for the taste buds. It’s refreshing because it is not overpoweringly sweet. The Paradise Sunset is also a bubbly drink, so the fizz is a nice addition. This one is available in all sizes, from mini to RT 44. 

1. Lemonade Cream Cooler 

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Sonic Flavorista Favorites, Lemonade Cream Cooler - credit: SONIC /

If it has the word “cooler” as part of its name, you bet I’m trying it! But that’s not why I’m ranking Sonic’s Lemonade Cream Cooler at number one. At the end of the day, I’m all about flavor and this one is as refreshing as it promises to be and the cream soft serve truly enhances the lemonade. Be careful, though, this one is a doozy sitting at nearly 1,000 calories (the large size), but it is also available in mini, small, and medium.

Honorable mention: The Rainbow Slush 

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Sonic Flavorista Favorites, Rainbow Slush - credit: SONIC /

Sonic’s Rainbow Slush almost made it to my top three, I was sure it would at least rank third. There’s just something about rainbow foods that draws foodies in. It’s an attractive look and the idea of getting so many flavors in one is exciting. However, the cups at Sonic are not clear, so that already eliminates the presentation. As for the flavor, it’s delicious. We have blue raspberry, lemonade, and strawberry flavors with real strawberry chunks. If you have ever ordered rainbow shaved ice from anywhere, this is like that, but the next level up. Ultimately, the Rainbow Slush did not make my top three because the others are much more unique and offer my taste buds new adventures. The Rainbow Slush is only available in size medium at $2.99 (prices vary based on location). 

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