Sonic launches Groovy Fries with Sauce nationwide for only $1

Move over, tots.
Groovy Fries with Sauce - credit: Sonic
Groovy Fries with Sauce - credit: Sonic /

Looks like we might need to reevaluate our fast food french fries rankings. Sonic has released the first update to its fries in over a decade, and they’re now in stores everywhere. Move over, tots. It’s time for Groovy Fries and Groovy Sauce.

“Our SONIC Tots are iconic, but we thought it was time to give them some competition,” said Mackenzie Gibson, Vice President of Culinary & Menu Innovation at SONIC via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “With the new Groovy Fries, we’re redefining what a fast-food fry can be and giving folks another reason to say, ‘Yes, I would like fries with that!’”

So what are Groovy Fries? What makes them groovy? Is it that they’ve been sitting in the fryer since the ‘60s, are now shriveled up and weird and hard as a rock? Luckily, no. Instead, they’re groovy because they have… Well, grooves. While most of the world might call these “crinkle cut fries,” Sonic explains that they have “deep grooves” so maybe they are crinkle cut TO THE EXTREME.

And yes, this seems like shots fired at Shake Shack with their iconic crinkle-cut fries, but the only beef we want to start here is a hamburger at Sonic, so ignore this paragraph if you must.

Along with the Groovy Fries, comes the Groovy Sauce, which Sonic describes as a “creamy blend of savory ranch and herbs with a mild kick of sriracha.” Well, I’ll tell you what: that sounds delicious. Please slather my grooves with Groovy Sauce. The ones on my fries. Don’t make this weird.

To celebrate the launch of Groovy Fries, Sonic is offering them in any size this month for only $1. That’s right: small, medium, large, fill up your car to the brim and eat your way out: all only $1, as long as supplies last. Or more realistically, it’s for any size a la carte fries, not valid with any combos, deliveries or other offers, tax is extra, and it’s only while supplies last. So you probably would need to make a bunch of trips to Sonic to fill up your car with french fries.

The $1 fry offer is only available in June, so go grab some Groovy Fries with Groovy Sauce, starting today.

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