SONIC’s $1.99 value menu intros two all-new Queso Wraps

Technically they’re calling it FUN.99, but I don’t get paid in FUN dollar bills, so…
Sonic $1.99 Menu - credit: Sonic
Sonic $1.99 Menu - credit: Sonic /

The Value Wars continue to heat up with the latest entry, a $1.99 value menu from SONIC. And to celebrate the occasion, the chain is introducing two scrumptious-sounding Queso Wraps on the new menu, starting right now.

“Now more than ever, guests are focused on affordable food options, but they shouldn’t have to settle for the same old, tired discounts or boring meals. Many restaurant brands are touting a lot of recycled ideas with limited options. At SONIC, we wanted to do something different – something fun – so we focused on variety, which is why we’re introducing the new $1.99 Menu, or what we like to call the FUN.99 Menu,” said Ryan Dickerson, Chief Marketing Officer of SONIC via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “The FUN.99 Menu is all about choice and fun, whether you want any of our dozen shake flavors, a chili cheese coney, or our iconic tots as a midday snack – it’s all there for just $1.99.”

As Dickerson mentions, there are plenty of other options on the new menu, which the brand is called FUN.99, even though George Washington is decidedly not on the FUN dollar bill. However, let’s start by talking about the new Queso Wraps, as they’re the star of the show.

The two flavors are: Bacon Ranch Queso Wrap; and Southwest Crunch Queso Wrap. You can probably intuit what’s on these based on name alone, but in case you can’t, I’ll break it down for you. The Bacon Ranch Queso Wrap includes a chicken tender, bacon, cheddar cheese, ranch, and white queso, wrapped in a flour tortilla. Meanwhile, the Southwest Crunch Queso Wrap includes a chicken tender, Southwest sauce, tortilla strips, cheddar cheese, white queso, and is served on a soft flour tortilla.

I’m just pointing this out because I found it funny, but in the provided press release, they say the Bacon Ranch Queso Wrap has “luscious white queso” while the Southwest Crunch Queso Wrap has “indulgent white queso.” I suggest going to your local SONIC and asking if you can get the Bacon Ranch Queso Wrap with indulgent white queso instead of luscious white queso, and see what happens. [NOTE: Don’t do that, that’s annoying, I’m just making jokes here.]

Sonic Fun.99 Menu
Sonic Fun.99 Menu - credit: Sonic /

Beyond the two new wraps, other items included on the $1.99 menu include:

  • Quarter Pounder Double Cheeseburger
  • Chili Cheese Coney
  • Small Tots
  • 16 ounce SONIC shakes, any of the 12 flavors

SONIC also notes that you can get half-price slushes and drinks at any time in the SONIC app, and on Tuesday nights you can get half-price cheeseburgers, as well as other rewards.

The $1.99 Menu is a permanent addition to SONIC, and is available nationwide now.

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