Sprite Chill is here to cool down your Summer

Forget lymon, meet cherrme.
Sprite Chill
Sprite Chill /

Sprite is pretty famous for being a soda with the taste of lemon and lime, aka lymon. But what this article presupposes is: what if it wasn’t? What if instead of lemon and lime, it had the taste of cherry and lime, a flavor we – and nobody else – calls cherrme?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that Sprite’s scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could create a soda with the taste of cherrme, they didn’t think about if they should. And Sprite Chill and Sprite Chill Zero Sugar is in stores today to run amok on your taste buds with the flavor of cherry-lime, for a limited time. Hey, that was a rhyme!

“When people think about Sprite, they think about cut-through refreshment,” said Kate Schaufelberger, Brand Director, Sprite, via a press release. “With Sprite Chill, we’re doubling down on these signature intrinsics while continuing our legacy of strategic flavor innovation and quenching fans’ thirst for variety and the exclusive badge value associated with trying and sharing limited-time-only beverages and experiences.”

All Jurassic Park jokes aside, the new flavor adds cherry-lime, so you’ll still get the Sprite taste you love, with just a dab of cherry as well. But what, you may ask, makes this Sprite Chill, as cherries are not necessarily known as the world’s coldest fruit.

Well, not only does this have cherry-lime flavor, it also has a “proprietary blend of cooling agents.” Meaning you’ll feel a minty chill, per the name, as well as the cherrme. Is that catching on yet? No? Okay, gonna barrel ahead anyway.

Sprite Chill is a limited edition flavor in North America only, and will be available through July while supplies last. Better stock up, though, because August is hot, too, and you’re going to need that cherrme chill while it lasts.

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