Starbucks Spring Day Blend review: Perfect for the first taste of Spring

The new limited-edition coffee is available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Starbucks Spring Day Blend
Starbucks Spring Day Blend /

Here in New York today it’s rainy, it’s cold, it’s gross. It feels like some weird after-shock of Winter, versus the first blooms of the next season. But frankly, I don’t care because I’m here sipping on Starbucks Spring Day Blend, and everything is just fine.

In fact, I was a little hesitant when sent a pack of ground coffee for review by Starbucks, mainly because, to be blunt, a lot of the blends on sale in grocery aisles taste a little same-y to my untrained palate. Certainly, I can tell the difference between a dark roast and a light roast. And I love coffee, so I have my preferences of favorite stores and cups, as well as how I take it (light milk, no sugar; and with a really high-end blend, black). But most of the time I’d be hard-pressed to detect “notes of dusted cocoa & dried fruit,” as is touted on the package for the Spring Day Blend.

So, cut to me popping a few scoops in my coffee maker, eyeing it suspiciously as it percolated, warily pouring the brew into my Star Wars mug, and skeptically sipping the coffee. Don’t want to brag or anything, but in case you couldn’t tell: yes, I know how to search for synonyms in Google. You’re welcome.

Back to the coffee, to completely contradict what I said earlier there’s definitely a taste of dried fruit on the back of the sip. I don’t necessarily get dusted cocoa, but it’s a dusting, so we’ll let that slide. However, the main thing I’ll say this coffee does nail is the lightness of a Spring day.

Seriously. It’s a Medium Roast made with ground 100% Arabica Coffee, so that probably helps the whole thing, but Starbucks is selling this as the sort of thing that you can sip outside when the blossoms are out and there’s a nip in the air – and honestly, they completely nail that feeling with the coffee. It is a relaxing, calming blend that I could imagine drinking while on my porch watching deer play in the woods. I don’t have a porch, and I’m not near the woods nor do deer live in my neighborhood. But I can sit on the cracked concrete of my backyard and watch rats scream at me, so pretty much the same deal.

There are a bunch more items on the Starbucks spring lineup including Toasted Coconut Mocha flavored coffee, Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavored coffee (both in K-Cups, Roast, or Ground), and Cold Brew Concentrate. But as long as the weather is threatening to be nice, but isn’t quite there yet, I’ll be sipping on this Spring Day Blend. Distrustfully. There you go, one more synonym.

Starbucks Spring Day Blend. B+. While Starbucks limited-edition blend may not have dusted cocoa notes as promised, it is a light, refreshing blend perfect for those in-between weather days.. . Starbucks Spring Day Blend

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