Stouffer's new frozen meatball flavors add variety to weeknight dinners

Stouffer's new plant based protein lasagna, featuring Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds, photo provided by Nestle
Stouffer's new plant based protein lasagna, featuring Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds, photo provided by Nestle /

Sometimes you just want comfort food for dinner. And for a lot of us, comfort food means meatballs. But there is a lot of work that goes into making meatballs, especially from scratch. So that might mean going the frozen food option.

When we think of delicious frozen food, Stouffer's is definitely one of our go-to brands. And that does include their meatball meals. But if you are trying to feed multiple people, you might be looking for options beyond the classic TV dinner. Luckily, this year is the year of the meatball at Stouffer's.

Recently, Stouffer's their new Family Size Meatballs. These family sized options come in three flavors, and give families plenty of options for shaking up those standard weeknight dinners.

Stouffer's new Family Size Meatballs are a must try for shaking up weeknight dinners

The first of the three flavors of meatballs you can choose from is their classic Swedish Style Sauce & Meatballs, which is likely very familiar to fans of Stouffer's and their iconic microwave dinners. As a fan of this meal already, I love that the brand is giving us just the meatballs in sauce so that we can use them in our own meal options beyond the noodles.

The second flavor of the meatballs you can choose from is the BBQ Sauce & Meatballs. This is a great option for people looking to make their own subs at home or if you don't want a classic tomato sauce covered meatball meal.

Finally, they gave us the Italian Style Tomato Sauce & Meatballs, which probably comes as no surprise. We expected them to do this more classic combination with their meatballs and we love it because it makes it easy to whip up any number of classic dishes without added work. From Italian Meatball subs to a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, this is a great option without having too much additional work in the kitchen.

As a fan of Stouffer's I was excited to see these in my grocery store. I could not wait to give these a try and I was not disappointed. My personal favorite was definitely the Swedish Meatballs because I am still rather picky of my Italian meatball dishes. That being said, all three of the flavors were delicious and worth picking up to integrate into any meals.

While these three flavors are definitely great options, we can't help but hope that Stouffer's gives us even more flavors to play with.

Have you seen these new Stouffer's Family Size Meatballs? Have you tried any of the flavors yet?

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