Sugarfina is living La Dolce Vita with their Italian Summer candy collection

Sugarfina La Dolce Vita Collection 2pc Bento
Sugarfina La Dolce Vita Collection 2pc Bento /

The weather is heating up, and one’s thoughts turn to those summers spent in Portorosso, tooling around on Vespa, trying to hide your identity as a secret sea creature from the populace who hates and fears you. Actually, I think that’s the plot of the Pixar film Luca, but regardless, Italian Summer, something, something, Sugarfina has a new line of treats.

Specifically, the candy company has launched its latest, the La Dolce Vita Collection, and now that I think of it I probably should have started with something about the movie La Dolce Vita? But before I digress too far again, this delectable-sounding lineup is inspired by a number of treats.

Served in the typical Sugarfina 3 piece Candy Bento Box or a 2 Piece Candy Bento Box adorably shaped like a scooter, the actual treats themselves include a Tiramisu Chocolate Bar that is literally making me drool to look at, and five candy cubes that include Lemon Biscotti, Italian Spritz, Mandarin Italian Ice, Stracciatella Gelato, and Limoncello Bears.

Collection Spotlight-4x5
Sugarfina La Dolce Vita Collection Spotlight /

To dive into each of these a little more, the Tiramisu Chocolate Bar is described, per info provided by Sugarfina PR, as a “milk chocolate bar filled with a creamy tiramisu-flavored center.”

As for the rest, you can probably figure them out. But the Limoncello Bears are exactly what they sound like, lemon gummy bears covered with sweet and sour sugar crystals. Italian Spritz is shaped like little mandarin orange slices and presumably has a little bit of the ‘ol bitter orange liqueur/Aperol taste to it. Mandarin Italian Ice is vegan mandarin “scoops from Italy rolled in extra-fine sugar crystals.” 

If you’re not a gummy person, you might want to reach for the Lemon Biscotti, which are lemon shortbread bites dipped in white chocolate. Or perhaps the Stracciatella Gelato, which are dragées with a hint of vanilla gelato, “sprinkled with dark chocolate chips.”

Over on the Sugarfina website, they also have several other gummies, including Prosecco Frosecco, Rosé Frosé, and Pear Italian Ice, which sounds amazing.

The whole La Dolce Vita Collection is available now, and is exactly the sort of thing that will make you shout, “I’m not a toy, I am a Space Ranger!”

Darnit, that wasn’t even the right Pixar movie.

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