Taco Bell breakfast menu: Menu items, when available, and more (May 2024)

You can live mas even earlier with the Taco Bell breakfast menu.
Taco Bell Menu Items, Headquarters And Restaurant Shoot
Taco Bell Menu Items, Headquarters And Restaurant Shoot / Joshua Blanchard/GettyImages

When most people want to grab a fast-food breakfast, Taco Bell isn't the first place that comes to mind. Yet maybe it should because the chain has an impressive breakfast lineup. TB has an incredibly unique mix of items that take some breakfast classics and revamp them, Taco Bell style.

If you've never tried it, maybe seeing some of these items will motivate you to give it a try. Even though the menu isn't as large as its fast-food competitors, you'll be able to get something you can't get anywhere else, and there's something fun about that.

Whether you're wondering about what's on the menu, if Taco Bell has coffee, or what time you can order Taco Bell breakfast, we have the answers, as of May 14, 2024.

Does Taco Bell have a breakfast menu?

Taco Bell absolutely has a breakfast menu and it feels like it's authentically Taco Bell. While sometimes restaurants switch things up for breakfast, Taco Bell isn't afraid to stick with what they know but just make it a little zestier for the early crowd.

What time does Taco Bell serve breakfast?

Moving onto the other important question, you're probably wondering when Taco Bell starts and stops serving breakfast. On Taco Bell's website in the FAQ section the brand shares that TB serves breakfast from 7 am until 11 am. Frankly, I'm shocked Taco Bell serves breakfast until 11 am but maybe they're catering to the brunch crowd so that's a nice surprise.

Does Taco Bell serve coffee for breakfast?

Taco Bell does serve coffee, but with a twist. The fast-food chain has two varieties: Hot Cinnabon Delights Coffee, and Iced Cinnabon Delights Coffee.

These two coffee drinks are both priced at $2.29 and only come in the regular size.

What is on Taco Bell's breakfast menu?

Now let's get into the meaty details and talk about what's actually on Taco Bell's breakfast menu. If you know one thing about Taco Bell, their breakfast menu is going to be full of burritos and Taco Bell has two levels -- so let's break it down. Here's what to expect, as of May 14, 2024.

Taco Bell, Breakfast Menu, Breakfast Burritos:

Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Bacon (350 Calories): This burrito says it all in the name... It comes with bacon, eggs, and nacho cheese sauce.

Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Sausage (350 Calories): This burrito subs out the bacon for sausage crumbles.

Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Potato (340 Calories): Like a take on the gone by never forgotten potato griller, you can enjoy eggs, nacho cheese, and potatoes.

Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Steak (570 Calories): Packed full of steak, eggs, and potatoes, this burrito has a bit more than its smaller counterparts including tomatoes and the chain's 3-cheese blend.

Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Sausage (570 Calories): Once again, Taco Bell is keeping the ingredients the same but subbing out the steak for sausage crumbles.

Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Bacon (570 Calories): It's more of the same with this one as this time, bacon is the main protein while everything else remains the same.

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu, Breakfast Quesadillas:

As previously mentioned, Taco Bell knows what it's good at and is sticking to that. That results in us getting a chance to have some breakfast quesadillas, which aren't nearly as complex as the burritos.

Breakfast Quesadilla Sausage (510 Calories): Since this is a breakfast item, this one features eggs, sausage crumbles, and the classic three-cheese blend. It's simple yet effective.

Breakfast Quesadilla Bacon (510 Calories): If you couldn't guess, the ingredients mostly don't change and this breakfast quesadilla features bacon, eggs, and the three-cheese blend.

Breakfast Quesadilla Steak (510 Calories): Taco Bell is showing homage to a classic with steak and eggs -- but this time, you're getting them toasted in a tortilla. Of course, it's more of the same with steak, eggs, and the three-cheese blend as the only ingredients.

Taco Bell, Breakfast Menu, Breakfast Crunchwraps:

If there's one staple at Taco Bell, it's the crunchwrap so having one at breakfast is a must so let's get into it.

Breakfast California Crunchwrap (640 Calories): This first option is packed full of items with the protein being bacon followed by egg and a hashbrown. Then there is cheese, guacamole, and tomatoes to complete the entire thing. I don't know about you, but that feels like a meal on its own.

Breakfast Crunchwrap Bacon (670 Calories): In a more classic style breakfast item, there is the Bacon Crunchwrap which is made with bacon, cheese, egg, and a hashbrown before being finished with creamy jalapeño sauce.

Breakfast Crunchwrap Sausage (750 Calories): Moving onto the final crunchwrap option, this is made with a sausage patty, cheese, egg, and a hashbrown with creamy jalapeño sauce as the final ingredient.

Taco Bell, Breakfast Menu, Breakfast Sides:

If there's one thing Taco Bell has a shortage of on its breakfast menu, it's sides, as you really only have two options.

Hashbrown (160 Calories): Priced at $1.69, this is your run-of-the-mill classic hashbrown and also one of the few vegetarian options on TB's breakfast menu.

Cinnabon Delights, 2 Pack (170 Calories): Priced at $2.29, you'll get two of these sweet treats described as "cinnamon spheres filled with icing."

Cinnabon Delights, 12 Pack (1010 Calories): For a dozen Cinnabon Delights, you'll pay $6.69 for more of these cinnamon spheres.

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu, Breakfast Combos:

Last but not least, let's talk about the breakfast combos from Taco Bell, and honestly, there are only three options, which shouldn't come as a surprise.

Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo (730-1010 Calories): For this combo, you can get either the sausage or bacon burrito. You can get the steak version for a 70-cent upcharge. As for your sides, your options are either a hashbrown or a 2-pack of the Cinnabon Delights with a medium fountain drink which includes the Cinnabon Delights coffee.

Breakfast Quesadilla Combo (670-950 Calories): As with the previous combo, you can get either sausage or bacon for no additional charge. Steak is once again 70-cent upcharge and then the sides and drink options stay the same.

Breakfast Crunchwrap Combo (840-1121 Calories): This is where things get a bit more complex as you can get the sausage or bacon crunchwrap for no additional charge. However, the California Crunchwrap costs 30 cents more and a steak version can be purchased for a 60 cent upcharge. These are finished off with a medium fountain drink and a side of your choice.

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