Taco Bell charging for Avocado Verde Salsa is a disappointing move from the chain

Gone are the days of drawers full of sauce packets -- at least when it comes to this particular flavor.

Customers eat at the American chain of fast-food restaurants...
Customers eat at the American chain of fast-food restaurants... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

While Taco Bell used to be known for its cheap eats, that isn't exactly true anymore. The brand is even changing a beloved rule: they're now charging for sauce packets. Or at least, one particular sauce packet.

When it comes to ordering at Taco Bell, they always ask you if you want sauce. They have many different options like mild, fiery, hot, and diablo. Usually, when you say yes, they give you a huge handful in the bottom of the bag.

From there, it goes to live in your favorite drawer with the rest of your sauces. However, the brand is changing things up with the launch of its Cantina Chicken Menu and the addition of the Avocado Verde Salsa.

While you'll get one free packet with your Cantina Chicken item, you will be charged an extra 20 cents if you're looking to get more. As frustrating as it is, we found the answer as to why this is happening -- and it's pretty disappointing.

Taco Bell is now charging for additional Avocado Verde Salsa packets

Food Beast went in-depth and shared some insights on why this change is happening. In the post, FB shared that: "There is a noticeable difference between Taco Bell’s new sauce and its older ones — the packet is .5 ounces, or about twice the size." While size can make a difference, it does feel a little icky to suddenly upsell the sauce.

Given how much inflation has already affected Taco Bell, charging 20 extra cents for a packet of Avocado Verde Salsa is unnecessary. As someone who loves Taco Bell and has eaten there for decades, it just doesn't seem like a smart move. A lot of consumers look forward to getting tons of those sauce packets -- and now, getting an extra 5 of those will cost you $1. This doesn't seem like much, but for a restaurant known for going cheap, it adds up quickly.

A humble suggestion: the brand should have considered using a different package instead of a normal sauce packet. While it is bigger, it doesn't seem all that much different from the other Taco Bell sauce packets. It just feels like another reason for the brand to charge more, and that's just frustrating.

That said, this doesn't come as a surprise since most fast-food chains are now charging for extra sauces. I can attest to the fact that my local McDonald's is charging for extra sauce cups... Which is annoying! No matter how much any of these fast-food chains try to justify the upcharge, it feels like just another way they're burning customers -- and not the good type of burn that comes from a spicy salsa.

What do you think of Taco Bell up-charging for extra Avocado Verde Salsa packets?

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