Taco Bell is testing new Bell Bundles and we're here for it!

Bell Bundles from Taco Bell are only testing but they seem like a great deal.

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As with most fast-food chains, Taco Bell has been steadily going up in price. However, there is one thing the brand does and that's introduce some cheaper options.

At the start of 2024, TB dropped its Cravings Value Menu and now the brand is testing something new in Toledo, Ohio. Called "The Bell Bundles," these are a couple of favorite items from the menu bundled together for a better price.

Given that inflation has truly taken over, we're always looking for a deal. In particular, the brand is making these at a reasonable price and includes a lot of food. Let's just hope that the fast-food chain decides to move these from the testing phase onto the actual menu at some point.

With that being said, we have to give some love to Chew Boom who broke the news and shared the prices which are $8.99 and each bundle includes 4 food items and a large fountain drink, making it seem reasonable.

What do you think of the new Bell Bundles from Taco Bell?

Currently, there are two different bundle options and honestly, both seem like a solid deal for what you're getting. The first option features a steak quesadilla, a seasoned beef chalupa, a crunchy taco and cinnamon twists. The second option includes a Mexican pizza, Beefy 5-layer burrito, crunchy taco, and cinnamon twists. Given how much food that is, it doesn't seem like a bad price.

As a Taco Bell fan though, I wanted to put this idea to the test and see if these Bell Bundles will be worth the money if they come to menus. Looking at how much it costs, a Bell Bundle is much more affordable than just adding each item a la carte.

While these are currently only in the testing phase, this is one I hope Taco Bell decides to eventually add to the menu. The value is there and you'll be getting a lot of food for that price. If anything, it might be a great one to share between two people. Plus Taco Bell added a lot of fan favorites, making it all the more appealing.

My only question is if you can sub in things for the Bell Bundles. Maybe it'll be like the Cravings Box where you can customize. If so, then I do think Taco Bell will be a real winner for both the brand and its fans. Either way, let's hope that Taco Bell decides to eventually share the Bell Bundles with all of us.

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