Taco Bell needs to add Loaded Grillers to the Cravings Value Menu

Taco Bell's focus on lower-cost items proves we need loaded grillers back.

Taco Bell, off of North Hillman Street and Prosperity Avenue in Tulare County, California was one of
Taco Bell, off of North Hillman Street and Prosperity Avenue in Tulare County, California was one of / Lauren Jennings/Visalia Times-Delta /

Fast food used to be an easy and cheap meal for those on the go but now, it feels like fast food is just as expensive including Taco Bell.

If there's one thing placing Taco Bell above some other chains though, the brand did create its own Cravings Value Menu. Launched at the beginning of 2024, there are some great deals on there including tacos, nachos and burritos.

Everything is priced under $3.00 which makes for an easy and somewhat cheap meal or snack. With that being said, it did give me an idea of something Taco Bell should bring back and that's the Loaded Grillers.

Launched in 2012, the Loaded Grillers line featured 3 different options based on popular bar foods and they were great and relatively cheap so what better time than now to bring them back?

Loaded Grillers deserve to be back on the Taco Bell menu.

Looking at the article from Nation's Restaurant News published in 2012, these were priced at 0.99 cents at the time. You can't even get anything close to that price now on Taco Bell's menu so I don't think TB would keep them that cheap. Regardless, the flavor combos are what make it such a great buy.

Back then, you could order three different versions which were the Loaded Potato Griller which includes fried potatoes, nacho cheese and sour cream all grilled up in a tortilla. It was essentially cheesy fiesta potatoes but grilled. Then there was the Beefy Nacho Loaded Griller which featured seasoned beef, nacho cheese and fiesta strips before getting grilled.

Last but certainly not least, you could grab the Loaded Buffalo Chicken Griller which was chicken in a spicy sauce with sour cream before it was grilled to perfection. All in all, these were such a steal and are one of the few Taco Bell items I still think about now.

Bringing back the Loaded Grillers line is the ultimate companion to the Cravings Value Menu for a few reasons. First, Taco Bell could maybe up the price to $1.50 and people would still want them. In addition, these are all items still available at Taco Bell. It is truly a no-brainer and is something I think consumers would really enjoy. Plus it allows those who loved them to have them again and hopefully, get a lot of buzz for those who haven't tried them.

Regardless, I feel like this is too good of an idea for Taco Bell to pass up on. I mean the brand wouldn't lose anything by not adding them back. We can only hope Taco Bell decides to expand its Cravings Value Menu and add some new items eventually.

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