Taco John’s Cinco de Mayo Deal has no beef with free tacos

To be clear, they’re offering a free beef taco.
Taco John Taco Bravo
Taco John Taco Bravo /

Have you made your Cinco de Mayo plans yet? If not, it’s time to start getting all your tacos in a row, as the May 5, 2024 holiday is fast approaching. Luckily, Taco John’s has taken a little bit of the planning out of the occasion, as the chain is offering a free beef taco on May 5.

Taco John’s, if you’re not familiar, has nearly 400 restaurants in 23 states, after starting with just one in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1969. Their signature dish is the Potato Olés, essentially little spiced tater tots that come in a variety of flavors and make my mouth water just to look at.

However, our focus today – and every day, really – is tacos. So with Cinco coming up in a blinko of an eye, here’s the deal with Taco John’s taco, er, deal.

First things first, you’ll need to download the app and join Taco John’s Bigger Bolder Rewards program by May 4, which is why we’re giving you the heads up about this now. Don’t wake up on Cinco de Mayo and think “I’ll just waltz into Taco John’s like I own the place and demand free tacos.” Because you can’t! That’s not how it works! Also, that’s rude, don’t do that!

Anyway, as long as you are signed up before that hallowed day, rewards members can get a free beef Taco Bravo (pictured above) with any purchase of $5 or more. The offer is valid both in store and in-app.

Wondering what’s in a Taco Bravo? I’m so glad you asked. Per the chain: “The Taco Bravo elevates the classic Crispy Taco by wrapping it inside a warm flour tortilla layered with soft refried beans. Each Crispy Taco shell is cooked fresh in-house every day, then filled with Taco John's signature 100% American beef, mild sauce, lettuce, and cheese.”

Add a side of Potato Olés and baby, you’ve got your Cinco on lock. Just make sure you get prepped for Taco Day on Star Wars Day (that would be May the Fourth, get it?) and you’re good to go.

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