Take a look at the NERDS Super Bowl commercial for 2024

See the new NERDS Super Bowl commercial ahead of the big game.
 Big Game Teaser Drop – NERDS x Addison Rae. Image Credit to Digitas Chicago.
Big Game Teaser Drop – NERDS x Addison Rae. Image Credit to Digitas Chicago. /

The Super Bowl brings out the best in some of our favorite brands including NERDS. That's why I'm so excited to talk about the upcoming SB spot.

While it was hinted at in the past, the brand is finally unveiling its new commercial and it's paying homage to one of the best items in its lineup: NERDS Gummy Clusters.

If that isn't enough, the commercial also features Addison Rae. This will also be her first Super Bowl commercial which makes it even more exciting. For those who've watched the preview, you'll know that Addison is teaching someone how to dance.

NERDS has finally shared who Addison's student is and honestly, it might shock you but once you realize who or what it is, I think you'll see why NERDS went down that route.

See the first NERDS Super Bowl commercial ever!

As you can see, the commercial not only pays homage to NERDS Gummy Clusters but also introduces us to a new character and gives us an incredible dance moment. Plus it features such a fun and quick moment with Addison Rae at the end.

This new NERDS Super Bowl spot is honestly short, sweet, and to the point. Sometimes Super Bowl commercials can feel a bit longwinded yet NERDS managed to do it all. Not only did the brand manage to get a celebrity feature but gave some love to its product and even featured some great music.

Ultimately, this is one of the best first Super Bowl commercials of the last few years. Considering that I never thought we'd see a NERDS SB commercial, I'm incredibly happy with this one. If you're looking to enjoy some NERDS Gummy Clusters during the Super Bowl, you can head to the brand's website which shares where to buy.

NERDS are such a fun candy to eat so it makes sense that the brand would also produce a fun Super Bowl commercial.

What do you think of the new NERDS Super Bowl spot? Let us know your thoughts, Guilty Eaters!

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