Tastykake is ready for Valentine's Day with limited edition packaging

Tastykake Valentine's Day Packaging Out Now!
Tastykake Valentine's Day Packaging Out Now! /

We love sweet treats, especially if those treats happen to be donuts. There is just something so satisfying about a soft donut in the morning, late at night when you want a snack, or even on the go. And with Tastykake, we get not just soft donuts, we get tasty ones.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Tastykake is giving their packaging a bit of a romantic refresh that we can't resist. The six packs of mini donuts now have a cupid on them with little hearts floating around on the clear part of the package.

While obviously the mini donuts are always the most important part of any package of Tastykake, in this case, we are really loving the way they are embracing Valentine's Day, even for a short time. And it really has us thinking about snagging a few different packages of these mini donuts and giving them as little treats for the holiday instead of opting for the usual chocolates and candy hearts.

TK Valentine MiniDon Frost 3D 6ct
Tastykake Valentine's Day Packaging Out Now! Image Credit to TastyKake. /

Honestly, donuts are just as romantic as chocolates and we have to embrace that! And thankfully, it looks like maybe Tastykake agrees.

I have always been a big fan of mini donuts, but I had never tried Tastykake before. That all changed when the brand mailed me over their chocolate, powdered and crunch mini donuts in this special, limited edition packaging.

It is clear that Tastykake absolutely lives up to its counterparts on the marker and delivers the soft center we want, as well as plenty of flavor. I have always been partial to the crunch donuts because it is typically an almondy/toasted coconut exterior and this was no exception. That being said, even their powdered donut was a win for me. (Although I did receive two packages of the chocolate donuts those made a run for it as soon as my mom saw them.)

Now that I have tried Tastykake and their mini donuts and seen the adorable Valentine's Day packaging, I have to say that these are perfect little snacks to have on hand if you have a sweet tooth or want to give a little treat to someone. And I can't wait to see what other packaging ideas they have for us revolving around different holidays.

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