There is a new Coca-Cola flavor heading our way and it's spicy!

Coca-Cola Launches NEW FLAVOR, Coca-Cola Spiced
Coca-Cola Launches NEW FLAVOR, Coca-Cola Spiced / Contributor/GettyImages

Have you ever wondered how century-old brands manage to survive the trend? Well, Coca-Cola’s evolution over the past few years is a prime example! In business since 1886, Coca-Cola has always been a consumer-relevant brand, meeting people’s needs both emotionally and functionally.   

The iconic Coke and all its variations have always been the talk of the town, satiating people's ever-changing tastes. Every time the brand comes up with new blends and flavors, it’s highly celebrated. And this time, it’s Coca-Cola Spiced keeping up with the best. 

Coca-Cola Spiced! Coca-Cola is adding a new permanent flavor to its iconic North American portfolio

Going by the trends, since 2019, there has been an increase in consumer willingness to try spice-flavored offerings in beverages by 124%. Also, 25% of the people are interested in trying raspberry soft drinks for the past four years. Coca-Cola’s freestyle machines have poured 5 million servings since 2022. 

Coca-Cola Spiced is a direct response to consumer demand and immersing trends, offering a unique formula in a differentiated taste. A sip from the Coke bottle and you will get to taste a blend of the iconic Coca-Cola, all lifted up with a burst of refreshing raspberry notes and spiced-up flavors. It’s not a regular soda drink, with spices, but definitely the boldest innovation by the brand. 

Are you wondering when, where, and how you will be able to grab the new beverage? Well, according to a special press release provided to Guilty Eats, Coca-Cola Spiced is planned to hit the shelves in mid-February. Adding to the zeal, Coca-Cola Spiced is not a limited edition. It’s a permanent addition to the company portfolio.    

Coca-Cola Spiced Availability

The new launch will be available in two distinct options: Coca-Cola Spiced and Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar. You can buy the variants in 10pk mini cans, 12oz/12pks, 20oz, 6pks, 2L, and 5L bottles. As for price, the spiced variant will be available in similar options as the regular Coca-Cola products. 

For more information on Coca-Cola Spiced and Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar, you can always visit or follow @cocacola and #CocaColaSpiced on Instagram or TikTok. What are your thoughts on the same and whether you are going to give it a try or not? 

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