Totino’s is rolling out Breakfast Snack Bites, so you can burn your mouth any time of the day

To be clear, that’s your fault. The burnt mouth thing, I mean.
Totino's Breakfast Snack Bites
Totino's Breakfast Snack Bites /

Totino’s is pretty much the perfect snack. Quickly microwavable pizza rolls that you can heat up, pop in your mouth, burn your mouth because you didn’t wait long enough to eat them per the clear instructions on the packaging, and then pop another one in your mouth and burn it again like some sort of rube. And now, you can burn your mouth all day long as the brand is launching new Totino’s Breakfast Snack Bites.

And to be clear, this is no joke like 10 years ago when Totino’s posted on X (formerly Twitter) that you can, “Try Totino's NEW line of breakfast Pizza Rolls! They're just regular Pizza Rolls, but you eat them before noon.” These are actual, honest to goodness Breakfast Snack Bites, in three flavors.

Per info provided by a PR rep for Totino’s, the new Breakfast Snack Bites flavors are:

Pork Shoulder Bacon & Cheese Scramble: The G.O.A.T. breakfast of pork shoulder bacon with cheesy flavor in our crispy crust.   

Sausage & Cheese Scramble: Bits of pork sausage and an explosion of cheesy flavor are wrapped in a golden crust that turns a classic breakfast into a tasty poppable bite.   

Cheesy Chorizo Scramble: Smoky chorizo crumbles and cheesy flavor come together in a hot bite-sized pocket of goodness. 

Quick reaction based on not trying them: these sound good? You expect your regular bacon and sausage rolls, but they’re going to the extra mile with Pork Shoulder Bacon. And Chorizo? Great choice.

I’m also intrigued by the lack of egg (which is good, that never works out) in favor of what the label states is “seasoned meatless crumbles” in addition to the stated meat and “imitation cheddar cheese in a golden crust.” And as Totino’s cops to, you don’t just have to eat these at breakfast… You can blaze new paths (in your mouth) with these Snack Bites any time of day.

The new Snack Bites are headed to select grocery stores now, with “expanded availability” at Walmart and Kroger in the summer. They have a suggested retail price of $7.19 for a 40-count, which is cheaper than a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich at the local bodega here in New York. You can find them in the frozen breakfast aisle, or stocked with hot snacks next to the rest of Totino’s.

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