Truly Hard Seltzer goes Red, White & Tru for Memorial Day

The new limited-edition variety pack is in stores this summer, only.
Truly Red, White & Tru - credit: Truly
Truly Red, White & Tru - credit: Truly /

Memorial Day is rapidly approaching, and with it comes Barbecue Plans. You’ve got to get the meat, you’ve got to bring the heat, and then you’ve got to do a third thing that rhymes with those first two words. But perhaps more importantly, you’ve got to provide refreshing summer drinks for your guests. And luckily, Truly Hard Seltzer has you covered with their new limited edition Red, White & Tru variety pack.

The pack features four new flavors that [British narrator voice] evoke the feeling of summer: Cherry Pop, Iced Lemon, Blue Razz, and subbing in this year for Peach Burst, Cotton Candy. To dive a little deeper into them, Cherry Pop is, you know… Cherry. Blue Razz is specifically meant to evoke the taste of blue raspberry hard candy. Cotton Candy evokes the taste of your fave whispy sugar treat.

But by far the most intriguing to me, a lemon head (not to be confused with the candy), is Lemon Ice, which is sweet yet sour lemon, and meant to taste like the ice you get on the boardwalk, or just walking along through the park. Yum.

The new limited-edition pack is only available this summer, and each variety pack includes 12, 12 oz. cans, three per flavor. Per usual for the brand they contain 5% ABV, 100 calories, and only 1 gram of sugar.

While pricing will vary by location, the suggested retail price for a Red, White & Tru pack is $17.99 to $20.99, so it won’t break the bank, while you break in another round of hot dogs for the whole gang.

It'll also be interesting to see how these compare to Truly Tequila Soda, which I boldly called the drink of the summer a few weeks back. While that drink is, obviously, tequila-based, the regular line of Truly Hard Seltzer is made with fermented sugar. Meaning you're getting the sweet drink, some fizzy seltzer, and that's pretty much it. Heck, why not get both and have a contest? See who wins? That would be quite the feat! Hey, I figured out the third rhyme!

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An earlier version of this piece included the Peach flavor, which is not available this year. The article has been updated accordingly.