Uber and Domino’s are giving away $10 million in free pizza

And there’s a music video!
Uber Eats x Dominos - credit: Uber
Uber Eats x Dominos - credit: Uber /

Domino’s is finally available on Uber Eats. That’s good news! Want some better news? How about that starting today, the brands are teaming up to give away $10 million in free pizza? And not only that, there’s a new Lil Wayne music video to celebrate the occasion?

"We are excited to celebrate our exclusive partnership with Domino's, who is giving $10M in free pizza to Uber Eats customers in the United States", said Sarfraz Maredia, Head of Americas for Uber Eats via a statement provided to Guilty Eats. "This is a perfect opportunity for Domino's fans to take advantage of this unique pizza offer, and there's no one better to deliver this '10 Milli' message than Lil Wayne."

Added Kate Trumbull, Domino's senior vice president – chief brand officer, “Domino’s is excited to partner with Uber Eats to give away free pizza – $10 million worth of free pizza, to be exact! After all, who doesn’t love hot, delicious pizza, especially when it’s free? We hope customers take advantage of this special promotion by ordering Domino’s on Uber Eats.”

Before we get into the music (this isn’t Guilty Music, after all), let’s talk about how to snag free pizza today. As you might expect, the first step is to order Domino’s on the Uber Eats app or online. As long as you reach the store’s delivery minimum, you’ll get a medium two-topping pizza, absolutely free. Also as you may be able to figure out, while $10 million is a lot of pizza, it’s not unlimited pizza forever. So snag your own free pie before supplies run out.

To celebrate the occasion – and the food deal – the brands teamed up with Lil Wayne for a thirty second remix of “A Milli.” You can listen to it in an ad featuring Lil Wayne, a lot of pizza, and a very calming sounding announcer explaining the collaboration. And of course the chorus of “A milli. A milli. A milli” has been changed to “10 milli” because of the $10 million worth of pizza. Hopefully we’ll get a full remix dropped at some point, so you can rock out and eat free pizza at the same time.

Do people still say rock out? Am I… Perhaps… Old? No, couldn’t be.

You can listen to the snippet – and grab your free pizza on Uber Eats – right now.

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