Want to eat Shrek’s face? Now you can, with Universal Orlando’s Shrekzel

It’s not literally his face, though. Also, I have at least one follow-up question.
Swamp Snacks: Shrekzel - credit: Universal Orlando
Swamp Snacks: Shrekzel - credit: Universal Orlando /

Universal Orlando has opened a brand new area of their beloved theme park, called DreamWorks Land, appropriately themed all around the characters from Shrek, Trolls, and more. And along with the new land comes new themed food. Most notably, a Shrekzel, which is a pretzel the shape of – and as big as – Shrek’s face.

Seriously. Sold at the Swamp Snacks stand in DreamWorks Land, for $12.29 you too can eat a pretzel shaped like Shrek, and imagine him screaming in horror as you munch on his face, just like we all have dreamed of doing ever since we first saw the first Shrek movie in 2001 and came away with one main thought: that ogre’s face looks delicious. The pretzel also comes with a side of cheese, and you can pretend you’re drowning Shrek in his own swamp as he sobs and screams for mercy.

I may have identified too much with Lord Farquaad while watching those movies? I don’t know, leave me alone.

02_Swamp Snacks - Swamp Dog
Swamp Snacks: Swamp Dog - credit: Universal Orlando /

Anyway, there are a few other items of a less novelty variety you can get at Swamp Snacks. There’s a Far Far A Waffle for $11.49, which is not sweet but actually a savory waffle treat that comes stuffed with either pepperoni or ham and cheese. You can also get the Swamp Dog, which is coincidentally the name I use with my biker gang, for $9.49. This is a hot dog with Shrek-colored green cheese, and wrapped in “pizza tree bark.”

You can also get Mud Puddle Pudding for $5.99, which is basically dirt cake and features chocolate pudding, cookie crumbs, cookie cake, and a gummy worm. It even comes with a little shovel to eat it with, which is very cute and will be perfect for digging Shrek's grave. Sorry, sorry, I'll stop now.

05_Swamp Snacks - Mud Puddle Pudding
Swamp Snacks: Mud Puddle - credit: Universal Orlando /

If you prefer something cold – it is Florida, after all – you can get a Frozen Ogre Sour Apple ice pop, or a Chonkey Donkey Chocolate ice pop, either for $6.99. All of this sounds great, and the good news is that the Frozen Ogre pop is also shaped like Shrek’s face, so you can eat his face twice if you want to! This is relatable content, right? Cool.

07_Trolls Treats
Trolls Treats - credit: Universal Orlando /

Beyond Shrek, there’s also a Trolls themed food stand called Trolls Treats that’s shaped like a boom box. That stand serves two flavors of soft serve: Poppy-licious Pink, and BroZone Berry. The former is pink lemonade flavored, with flower sprinkles. The latter is huckleberry-flavored. Both of them can’t stop the feeling… Of eating cool, delicious ice cream. Neither, however, are shaped like a Shrek face.

The Shrekzel, and all the other items mentioned, are available at Universal Studios now.

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