The dream of the ‘90s is alive at Wetzel’s Pretzels with the new Orange Dream

The drink is just part of WP’s 30th-anniversary nostalgia trip.
Wetzel’s Pretzels Orange Dream
Wetzel’s Pretzels Orange Dream /

No, this isn’t Portlandia. It’s Wetzel’s Pretzels, where the dream of the ‘90s is alive with a series of nostalgic menu items – including the now-available Orange Dream.

“It’s a sip of sunshine in a cup,” said Hillary Frei, Head of Marketing at Wetzel’s Pretzels via press release provided to Guilty Eats. “On a beautiful spring day, nothing goes better with our beloved freshly-baked pretzels than a cold, sweet and refreshing drink. Introducing the Orange Dream – with the flavors of a timeless classic!”

Naturally, this drink, which combines orange citrus granita with soft whip topping, is reminiscent of several items. Most notably a creamsicle, which is what the chain is calling out in their advertising campaign. However, you could probably also compare it to an Orange Julius, an iconic mall staple of the ‘90s on its own. While we don’t have an Orange Julius in my local mall, we do have Wetzel’s Pretzels. So, score one for Wetzel’s, score zero for Orange Julius.

The chain also promises this is just the tip of the spear when it comes to ‘90s-themed items as they celebrate their 30th anniversary. I’m trying to imagine what those will be. Pretzel pogs? Lemonade slap bracelets? The possibilities are endless.

This is also far from the only drink innovation Wetzel's Pretzels has introduced over the past few years. Some other recent items introduced last year, per the chain, include Frozen Horchata, Choco Churro Bitz, Guava Mangonada slushie, and S’mores Bitz. Sadly none of these are drinkable pretzels, because your tiny minds aren't ready for a salty, yeast-filled beverage yet.

The Orange Dream costs $6.99, and is now available at participating locations.

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