Love Sliders? Then You Could Be Part of the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame

Like, do you REALLY love sliders?
White Castle Cravers Hall Of Fame 2023 - credit: White Castle
White Castle Cravers Hall Of Fame 2023 - credit: White Castle /

Do you love sliders? Not the classic TV show starring Jerry O’Connell, and later his brother (I think, I’m not going to look that one up), but rather the small, steamed hamburgers they serve at White Castle. If you do, then you could be the next member of the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame, a designation to confers glory on all who join its hallowed halls.

“The Cravers Hall of Fame embodies the peak level of affection our devoted fans have for our Sliders,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “The Crave is defined by cherished childhood memories, shared moments with family and friends, and going great lengths to satisfy the Crave, and the Cravers Hall of Fame is open to all who share a commitment to connect with others to create memorable moments.”

So what does one have to do to have their name emblazoned in history? Basically: love White Castle, and also love your family. A large part of it is hewing to the chain’s core values of creating great moments with friends and family, while at White Castle or otherwise. If you’re a good person who loves the people you spend time with and/or a sack of hamburgers, you could be nominated to the Cravers Hall of Fame.

Nominations are open from all 50 states, and if you do get named to the 2024 class, you get a trip to the White Castle headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, an induction ceremony into the Cravers Hall of Fame, a class blazer, a tour of the home office, and “a chance to see behind the Castle Walls for a glimpse at the test kitchen and innovation center,” so you can see how the sausage – sorry, beef – is made. Unless they’re testing sausage sliders in which case that’s exactly what you’ll see.

So far, less than 300 people have joined the Cravers Hall of Fame, and as far as I’m aware none of them were tricked into getting into a meat grinder and turned into burgers, I’m definitely not suspicious at all that’s what this is all about, not even a bit. If you would like to apply – or nominate someone – you can do so at White Castle’s website.

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