Yogurtland levels up with new PAC-MAN flavors -- and yes, there will be cherries!

New Yogurtland flavors alert! Our fave froyo place levels up with new PAC-MAN flavors. And of course cherries are part of the fun.
Yogurtland x Pac-Man
Yogurtland x Pac-Man /

You didn't think Yogurtland was going to sit back and watch as other food chains release new, summer flavors, did you? The brand has leveled up and is now ahead of the game with new flavors that are nostalgic in more ways than one. It's time to get your game on with PAC-MAN-themed froyo!

That's right... The iconic self-serve frozen yogurt brand has partnered up with PAC-MAN, the timeless and still iconic video game brand we have known since our childhood days. Not only are the Yogurtland cups now featuring a PAC-MAN theme, but topping options include PAC-MAN and cherry gummies. Because is it even PAC-MAN without cherries? Absolutely not.

Level up and enjoy a refreshing, fruity treat at Yogurtland! Here are the two new flavors to chomp on:

CHERRY Chomp Sorbet: This pink froyo is described as a refreshing pink blend of citrus and cherries. And did I mention it's pink? I can't wait to try it! I love cherries, and I wonder if we'll be able to add a cherry on top of this CHERRY Chomp Sorbet. It would be a missed opportunity not to.

Pineapple POWER-UP Sorbet: Sweet and tangy tastes become best friends in the Pineapple POWER-UP Sorbet, which mixes sweet mango with tangy pineapple flavors. Mango and pineapple, you say? Sold! These are my two favorite summer fruits.

Additionally, guests can top their froyo with yellow, pineapple-flavored PAC-MAN gummies, as well as cherry-shaped and flavored gummies. The themed cup (aka the WAKA WAKA Cup) is available through the Yogurtland app, online, and in the store. Collectible PAC-MAN character spoons featuring PAC-MAN, Red Ghost Blinky, and Blue Ghost Inky are also available, along with more fun merchandise. Get it while supplies last!

The new Yogurtland and PAC-MAN flavors are only available for a limited time at participating locations nationwide while supplies last. In short: Do like PAC-MAN and rush to chomp on these new flavors!

For more summer fun flavors, Yogurtland recommends the Dragon Passion Tart, Toasted Coconut, and the Alphonso Mango Tart. This is going to be one delicious summer.

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