Zaxby's collabs with MrBeast for a beastly new meal

The MrBeast Box Meal hits participating stores today for a limited time only.
Zaxby's Mr. Beast Box - credit: Zaxbys
Zaxby's Mr. Beast Box - credit: Zaxbys /

Over the past few years, many fast-food restaurants have elected to feature meals/promo items with celebrities. A few that come to mind are Travis Scott with McDonald's, Snoop Dogg teaming up with Jack in the Box for the Munchie Meal, and the Shaquille O'Neal Shaq-a-Roni pizza special with Papa John's.

Today, popular southern chicken spot Zaxby's has decided to bring a similarly popular name in a mid-May celebrity meal collaboration, a first for the company. The person who will be part of the rollout is none other than MrBeast, a world-famous content creator who boasts 258 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, grew up eating Zaxbys as a kid while he lived in North Carolina. Working directly with the fast-food spot, they formed the MrBeast Box, which hopes to provide bold, original, taste in every bite.

The MrBeast Box starts at $12.99 at participating locations, along with the famous MrBeast Feastables Chocolate Bar and small drink contains the following items:

  • Zaxby's 4 Chicken Fingerz
  • Crinkle Fries
  • Cheddar Bites
  • Two Slices of Texas Toast
  • Zax and Ranch sauces

"As a lifelong fan of the local Zaxby's in Greenville, Jimmy is the perfect partner," said Patrick Schwing, Zaxby's Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer in a press release. "Zaxby's and MrBeast are bound by a mutual admiration, small-town roots and a dedication to our craft."

With the immense popularity of MrBeast, this meal is likely to have a cult following for the duration of the promotion. Additionally, it shows the continual usage of celebrities that food companies have done to boost sales. 

If a Zaxby's is by you, this might not be a bad lunch or dinner option. Also, unlike other fast food spots that created meals with celebrities, this one features a MrBeast touch with the Feastables Chocolate bar. Will you be trying the latest collab between a restaurant and a celebrity? Do meals like these entice you to visit your local location?

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