Move over unicorns, mermaid food is the summer’s hottest trend


Whether you dared to drink the Unicorn Frappuccino or marveled at the multi-layered colorful cakes, unicorn food is about to take a back seat. Mermaid food is the summer’s hottest trend.

For a while, colorful, almost unnatural colored foods have been popping up everywhere. From the rainbow colored unicorn inspired creations to mermaid delights, these colorful creations don’t seem to be going away. With summer upon us, mermaid food is on trend.

Unicorn and mermaid food trends, photo by Cristine Struble

Mermaid inspired foods borrow from the colors of the sea. Like the sea creature it’s named after, mermaid food blends blues, greens and purple into beautiful combination. Sometimes a little bright and bold, these colorful foods can be a little fun.

Are there really any naturally blue foods?

But, let’s be honest. These types of techno-colored foods don’t really come from nature. To achieve the brightly colored look, you might need to use some food dyes. If you’re all about natural foods,  stick to the rainbow colored farmer’s market produce. Venturing into the mystical sea may not be for you. Green and blue colors could come from spirulina powder or chlorophyll drops. But, who has keeps those items in the pantry?

Searching Pinterest, mermaid drinks, mermaid ice cream and mermaid toast (yes, the toast fad is still popular) are everywhere. Most of these recipes are rather straight forward. Mermaid toast is probably the easiest. White cream cheese can absorb all types of colors. Breakfast can start the day in a sea of blues and green.

Also, cocktails are easily transformed into a mermaid drink. Blue curacao offers the bright, aqua color for many cocktails. To mix up a mythical sea creature drink, remember the classic cocktail ratios are 2 parts alcohol, ¾ sour and ¾ sweet. With this basic combination, anyone can make a good cocktail, or a mermaid cocktail, using favorite ingredients.

Since summer time fun is often spent together as a family, mermaid ice cream is a fun way to try this trend. Recently, Delish published its recipe for mermaid ice cream.

Delish’s video is simple and straightforward. My guess is that you could accomplish similar results with store bought vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt (preferable bright white frozen dessert). The colorful sea inspired ice cream comes from combining the many colors. Mermaid ice cream could be a fun dessert at any summer party.

And, Starbucks Frappuccino fans can join the mermaid trend too. Although the Mermaid Frappuccino isn’t on the Starbucks menu, ask your favorite barista to create one. Many off menu recipes are floating around.

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Summer is here and it is time to embrace the next food trend, mermaid food. After trying a few of these beautiful blue and green creations, you might be dreaming of under the sea.