Welcome gentleman Jack, NFL approved liquor ads during game broadcasts


NFL commercial breaks are taking a new turn for the 2017-18 season. Recently announced, the NFL approved liquor ads during game broadcasts.

When the boys of fall take to the gridiron, football fans watch, cheer and lament over every down. For many fans, Sundays are spent in front of the television. During any game, commercial breaks consist of snacks, pizza and beer. Coming this season, the NFL approved liquor ads during NFL broadcasts.

The Wall Street Journal originally reported the liquor advertising change.

"”The NFL said it will accept no more than four 30-second hard liquor spots per game with a limit of two such spots in any quarter or during halftime. In addition, the networks airing the matchups—ESPN, Fox, CBS and NBC—can run two spots in pregame and postgame programs.”"

In addition to the spot limitations, the NFL stated that ad spots will have to include “prominent social responsibility messages.” The generalized statement doesn’t define how, when or where this message will be displayed in the ads. Everyone will have to wait for the first ad to see how each company handles the limitation.

For years, beer commercials have been a staple of football advertisements. Just think of the many popular Super Bowl ads featured beer. From the iconic Clydesdales to the old school Spuds MacKenzie, most people can recall at least one beer commercial. When thinking back to these ads, I can’t remember any social reasonability message. The NFL didn’t provide any clarification why liquor companies need more limitations than beer companies.

Craft bourbon cocktails, photo by Cristine Struble

Over the past couple of years, the spirits industry has seen an increase in popularity and sales. A few years ago aged tequila was a top selling product. Currently, bourbon and whiskeys are all the rage. Most restaurants, even large fast casual chains, have a craft cocktail menu. More and more consumers prefer to sip on a spirit than to chug down a cold beer.

No matter the type of beverage consumed, moderation is the crucial message. Responsible consumption is and always will be important. No matter how funny, enticing or entertaining the advertisement, everyone needs to understand what type and how much of a beverage he is consuming.

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The NFL approved liquor ads might change how everyone watches football this season. Who knows if viewers will prefer the most interesting man in the world or gentleman Jack? The ad revenue will determine if the liquor ads continue beyond this season.