Drinking beer can save the planet, try the water positive beer


Need another reason to drink beer? Grab an ice-cold Cerveza Imperial Silver, the water positive beer, and help save the planet, really.

The idea that drinking beer can help save the planet is unusual. Honestly, it sounds like a reason a husband gives his wife for spending the day out with his buddies. But, the statement is true. Drinking a Cerveza Imperial Silver, the water positive beer, can help save the planet.

Cerveza Imperial is a Costa Rican-based beer company. The brand has the created the first and only water positive beer. The company has created a business model that has a negative ecological impact on the environment. This type of philosophy seems to reflect the Costa Rican pura vida philosophy.

From a company press release,

"“We have committed to a revolutionary concept of being the world’s first and only ‘water positive’ beer, a unique approach that allows us to return more fresh water to the environment than we use,” said Gisela Sanchez, Cerveza Imperial’s corporate affairs director. “Imperial analyzed its entire water footprint in sourcing, brewing and transporting our beer to understand our total water impact. We looked for ways to not only reach water neutrality by reducing and compensating the water we use but to actually improve upon the availability of fresh water in Costa Rica.”"

Cerveza Imperial is bringing its environmentally forward message to Colorado. The environmentally conscious sate was a logical choice for this forward thinking brewing. Colorado will be the first state to launch the Imperial Silver beer.

The Imperial Silver beer is a relatively light American lager. With a lower alcohol content, the beer is quite drinkable. The slight banana taste offers a slightly different flavor profile than most lagers. The Imperial Silver is perfect for a day on the lake, a refreshment after a long hike or a relaxing backyard barbecue.

The brand hopes to encourage consumers to learn more about preserving local waterways and protecting the environment. Additionally, Cerveza Imperial joined forces with Colorado Water Trust (CWT). The Cerveza Imperial-CWT partnership includes an investment in the Colorado waterways, event sponsorship and local area clean-up. Raising awareness about local environmental issues fits with the brewery’s commitment to a water positive mission.

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So raise a glass of Imperial Silver beer. This water positive beer is helping the environment. It is a really good reason to drink more beer.