Wine Enthusiast 2017 100 Best Wine Restaurants reflect food trends


Finding the perfect balance of an impeccable wine with delicious food is a delicate job. The annual Wine Enthusiast 100 Best Wine Restaurants honor the wine programs that excel in both wine and food.

The annual Wine Enthusiast 100 Best Wine Restaurants list is a must read for foodies. Published every August, the magazine provides a comprehensive list of restaurants with exquisite wine programs. Over the years, this list has adapted to the ever changing food scene. This year’s list reflects both the old guard and the forward thinkers.

Highly acclaimed restaurants like Chicago’s Alinea and Napa’s French Laundry make their annual appearance. Several other well-known New York, Chicago and California restaurants return as well. Other restaurants, like Bern’s in Tampa, have impressive wine cellars that make an oenophile green with envy. The refined dining establishments will always have a deserved place on this list.

Wine Enthusiast 2017 100 Best Wine Restaurants, photo from Business Wire

In addition to the well-established, 44 new restaurants made this year’s list. These restaurants tend to reflect evolving food trends. Diverse flavor profiles, intimate spaces and carefully crafted menus highlight the new members.

Back on the list for another year is Parachute. The Chicago restaurant run by Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark is a 40 seat Korean inspired restaurant. Their wine list compliments their flavorful, yet nuanced dishes.

According to a Wine Enthusiast press release, Susan Kostrzewa, the Executive Editor of Wine Enthusiast said

"“The world of American wine and food continues to evolve at an incredible rate and our 2017 list reflects this exciting dynamism.” explains Susan Kostrzewa, Executive Editor of Wine Enthusiast. “Gastronomic culture is no longer confined to expected urban markets and as our picks reveal, some of the country’s most innovative wine and food programs are popping up in surprising places and secondary locales. The list also reflects a return to upscale dining, as well as an explosion of ethnic cuisine—think Hawaiian, Indian, Greek and beyond—which offers wildly creative wine pairings for modern diners.”"

This best wine restaurant list and her comments seems in contrast to other developments in the restaurant industry. While highly acclaimed restaurants, like Alinea, always have their rooted place in the restaurant world, smaller, less expensive restaurants are surging. Smaller locations, laid back atmosphere and unpretentious surroundings bring in a younger crowd.

Many of the new, less formal restaurants offer a more intimate or even more welcoming experience. Many millennials enjoy dining out with friends. With ample disposable income, they dine out often. While they may be willing to try all types of cuisines, they don’t want a stuffy atmosphere that reminds them of their parents. Many new restaurants offer stunning food and wine in a less old fashioned setting.

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Take a moment to read Wine Enthusiast 2017 Best Wine Restaurants list. The list might prompt you to make a few dinner reservations or maybe it will encourage you to try something new.