Brownie Brittle, big chocolate flavor in a crunchy satisfying bite


Sometimes a craving needs to be fulfilled. Brownie Brittle is the perfect combination of chocolate and crunch to satisfy the craving.

Cravings are real. While different than hunger, a craving often happens in times of stress or anxiousness. Our brains tell us to eat a food because it will make us feel better. For those who crave something chocolate and crunchy, Brownie Brittle satisfies with every bite.

The Sheila G’s original Brownie Brittle takes those crispy, brownie edges and turns it into a delicious snack. Sheila G was known as a master brownie baker. She loved the brownie edges as much as the dense, chocolatey middle pieces. Over time, she found a way to make just the crunchy brownie pieces and this delicious snack was born.

Brownie Brittle, new flavors, photo by Cristine Struble

Today, this crunchy brownie snack is available in the original chocolate flavor, caramel, peanut butter, organic and gluten free. There is a flavor for every craving, every occasion and any excuse. From the afternoon pick-me up to the late night snacking, a bag of these cookie-brownie snacks may not last long in your house.

Personally, my new obsession is the gluten free dark chocolate sea salt flavor. The balance of the sweet with salt is an amazing bite. The dark chocolate is bold yet not bitter. The salt brings out the sweet in chocolate flavor. It is definitely hard to eat just a single serving.

While this brownie snack is a great snack, it is even better when incorporated into other desserts. A few pieces on top of ice cream elevates the ice cream to a new level. Even better, take bigger pieces of the brittle and make an ice cream sandwich. The crunchy brittle and the creamy ice cream is absolutely divine.

Brownie Brittle, new flavors, dark chocolate sea salt, photo by Cristine Struble

To feel even less guilty about enjoying a chocolate, crunchy dessert, add a few pieces to a fruit parfait. A sliced strawberry on top of a brittle piece is much more satisfying that just a chocolate dipped strawberry. Plus, this snack has 120-130 calories per serving.

For summer, take the classic s’more to the ultimate chocolate treat. Replace the graham crackers with this brittle. The gooey, warm marshmallow sandwiched between the chocolate, crunchy brittle will change how you think of s’mores.

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When the chocolate, crunch craving hits, Brownie Brittle is the bite that can curb those cravings. Find this chocolate goodness at various retailers and online. I can’t get enough of this chocolate cookie-brownie.