Airline food upgrade, JetBlue and United announce new food offerings


Airline food is getting an upgrade on JetBlue and United. New food offerings appeal to guests travel snacking and eating requests.

Airline travel can be stressful. From long lines at TSA to tight seats on the plane, travelers can be on edge. Those tensions can rise when passengers become hungry. JetBlue and United announced new food offerings to help curb the appetites of weary travelers.

Unless traveling in first class, airline food choices can be limited. The can of soda, pretzels or a cookie can pass the time, but a lavish spread is unlikely. If you didn’t make a stop at one of the food kiosks prior to boarding, some airline food options can be limited. JetBlue and United food choices are changing for the better.

Recently, JetBlue announced changes to its EatUp boxes. Starting on July 1, the enhanced EatUp boxes focus on customer cravings. From salty to sweet and healthy to indulgent, these EatUp boxes can keep passengers’ hunger at bay. The airline seeks to offer the “best snacks in the business.”

Airline food upgrade on JetBlue, MixItUp, photo from Business Wire

The curated EatUp boxes offer popular brand name snacks. Available in four themed boxes, the EatUp boxes include BigUp (protein focused), MixitUp (a little bit of everything), AmpUp (healthy bites), and CatchUp (popular favorite treats). These snacks should be available on flights over two hours, both international and domestic travel.

United wants to remain competitive in the travel industry. The Chicago based company is taking a slice from its hometown with the introduction of deep dish pizza on select flights. The collaboration with Pizzeria Uno features spinach, garlic and cheese deep dish pizza. Passengers can also purchase a beer and pizza combo.

Deep dish pizza isn’t the only United Airline food upgrade. The company’s Bistro on Board menu has changed. According to reports, options now include “protein bowls, breakfast flatbread, a Thai-style chicken ciabatta sandwich, a tapas box and a kiddie snack box.”

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These new food options may not take away the flying  stress. But, the changes could help alleviate a little frustration during air travel. Hungry passengers don’t make for happy passengers. Maybe the skies would be a little friendlier when passengers are a little less crabby.